How To Select Art For Your Home

    How to Choose Art for Your Home

    Choosing art for your house may seem like an easy task, but choosing the right pieces can be far more challenging than you may think. There is a handful of tips and things to remember when selecting art to ensure it fits in with your home. 

    Whether it be a painting, designer rugs Melbourne, or a sculpture, here are some of the top tips to remember to choose the best art for your house. 

    Color Scheme

    The first thing you need to consider is the color scheme of the piece compared to the color scheme of your house or the room it will go in. you have two simple choices regarding color; do you want it to be complimentary, or do you want them to be contrasting?

    If you are unsure, reference the color wheel, as colors near each other usually work well, and colors on opposite sides of the color wheel often work together too. 


    There is art about everything, from a sitting dog to a clown holding an umbrella. This means that there is a massive variety of art and themes to choose from, but this will also make it tricky to narrow down what you want exactly. 

    While you shouldn’t narrow your choices to specific themes such as “Summer cottage” or “Siamese cats,” opt for choices like light or dark, humans or animals, sceneries or houses; this will give you a lot of wiggle room and choice. 


    The size of the piece of art plays a big part in how it fits into the room. A massive statue would look out of place in a small guest bathroom, but a single small photo would look just as silly on a huge wall. While the piece doesn’t have to fill a room, its size should be relative to the size.

    Quality Over Quantity

    The idea of quality over quantity is the motto you should live by when it comes to art. The art you want in your house should reflect you and what you want the art to man and represent; you don’t want multiple walls filled with a dozen pieces with little to no meaning. 

    Art can also be expensive, and saving up for the right piece will always be better than settling and buying a dozen cheaper pieces just because you want them right now. 

    Shop Art in Person

    While you should research artists and their pieces online, the best way to view art is in person. You want to see the brush strokes, how the paint looks in a different light, the proportions of a sculpture, or how big or small a piece is.

    It’s not necessarily about protecting yourself from being scammed or anything, but rather the difference between trusting the size of a shirt online and going in and trying it on. 

    If you don’t have time to shop for art in person, you can always print digital downloads from Etsy for your home displays. This platform allows you to customize artwork to suit your preferences. Purchasing digital downloads also lets you support independent artists and designers, so they can continue creating and sharing their work with the world.

    Use Art to Set the Mood

    If you choose big, eye-catching pieces, be aware that they can and will change the mood and feel of a room. If you have a coming and cozy living room, a giant Francisco Goya painting will instantly take the coziness out of the room.

    When choosing pieces, take into consideration how the work makes you feel. Not the deep meaning behind it, but instead, makes you happy, comfortable, uneasy, or angry? 

    Visit Galleries

    If you need help figuring out where to start, a gallery is the best place to find inspiration. Not only will it be filled with a massive variety of pieces, but it will be curated in a way that allows you to see and feel how they will fit in your room.

    Don’t Just Stick to Paintings

    As mentioned already, art isn’t just about paintings. Sculptures, photos, prints, particular furniture, etc., is all art and can all be included in your house. If you are short on space, a taller statue can have the same impact as a large painting. 

    Explore your options and see what would fit best instead of spending all your time trying to find the perfect painting or sculpture. 

    Choose the Right Frame

    A frame isn’t just for holding a piece of art in place. A frame is the icing on the cake and can make or break the piece’s appearance in a room. Once again, you can choose between a complimentary frame and a contrasting frame. 

    While a thick, wood frame may not fit in with an industrial-style room, it could also be used as the “different” thing in the room. On the other hand, if it’s a small piece, a big, chunky frame could be too much and overshadow the painting or picture. 

    Commission a Piece

    If you are struggling to find the right piece or can’t afford what you want, commissioning work is a brilliant idea. You can get precisely what you want in the color scheme and size you want and get the perfect piece.

    The Right Piece for the Right Room

    Picking the right piece for the right room works closely with picking a piece that sets the mood. Pick smaller pieces for smaller rooms and a large piece for a big wall; also, think about what you want to be looking at while you are in a particular room. 

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