How to Buy Storage Containers

    How to buy storage containers?

    As with most business to business products and services today, you have two options when it comes to buying a storage container: online or in-person.


    Online storage container rentals and purchases are becoming the norm, especially since 2020! There are tons of online storage container sources for you to choose to buy from.

    • National seller websites
    • Local seller websites
    • Third party vendor comparison sites, like 360Connect
    • Third party vendors or resellers, via Craigslist or eBay

    Pros and Cons

    One advantage of buying online is finding a great deal through good research. Today, there are many platforms that allow you to compare your options, negotiate deals, and ultimately find a container that fits your budget. Additionally, online buying is typically more convenient and saves you time. You can research, compare, and buy all in one place without leaving your office or home!

    At the same time, there can be disadvantages to online buying. When buying online you cannot see the storage container in person before the purchase. Although vendors are usually upfront, honest, and accurate about their containers, you don’t truly know what you are getting until it arrives. 

    To this point, be very careful about third party resellers such as Craigslist and eBay posts, as there is no way to verify quality and condition through these sources. The last thing you want is for your container to arrive with unexpected damage. We recommend choosing a verified supplier if you are choosing to buy online. Our network of storage container companies here at 360Connect are top-rated, verified, and reliable vendors.


    You can also choose to buy a storage container in-person, by going to a storage container lot and picking out your own container. Both local and national container dealers typically have lots where they keep their containers, and you can make an appointment to go have a look. Although this method is not used as frequently these days anymore, it can be a good way to ensure you are getting the right container for your needs.

    Pros and cons

    One advantage to buying a storage container in-person is ensuring you are getting the quality and condition you prefer. When you can lay eyes on the container yourself and “get a tour” of it, you can rest assured you’re getting the unit you intend. 

    One disadvantage is that it requires time to visit a container lot and pick out a container. Many people today would rather do their purchasing from the convenience and comfort of their own home. Additionally a storage container lot will have a limitation on their offerings, whereas online the possibilities are endless.

    Container Grading

    Container categorization additionally follows a grading system. This machine frequently consists of letter abbreviations of F, A, B, and C. An F- grade container, additionally recognized as a meals grade, is a new one. Such a container is appropriate for meals transportation.

    An A-grade container can be new, refurbished, or used. Such containers have minimal floor rust and an nearly mark-free interior. They can be used for shipment, storage, and offices. Although used, a grade B container is cargo-worthy.

    A grade C container is regularly known as a wind and water-tight container. These containers have long gone thru vast wear, tear, and repairs. They can be used for storage however require a exclusive license to be used for transportation.

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