What are the 4 types of lawyers?

    When it comes to the legal profession, the fields of law are vast and varied. In the medical industry you have various specialized doctors; the legal field is no different. Types of lawyers range anywhere from corporate to personal to public areas of practice.

    As someone looking for legal counsel, it’s important to choose the right lawyer for the job. Using this list of some of the types of attorneys and what they do, you’ll gain a better understanding of the different areas of practice in the legal field and how it works.


    Environmental attorneys handle laws and regulations relating to the environment. They represent clients on matters like climate change, clean air/water, and environmental technology. Issues of First Nations land use and project authorizations can also fall under this kind of law practice.


    Of the many various kinds of lawyers, business attorneys help clients set up their company, file required paperwork, and prepare contracts. Giving consult for mergers and acquisitions is another key job these kinds of lawyers will provide.

    Estate Planning

    Estate planning lawyers are kinds of attorneys that help you manage your estate and assets after you die. They’ll guide you through the appraisal of your estate, how to distribute your estate, and make you familiar with any kind of tax implications. They might also establish trusts to help secure your assets from legal actions or creditors.


    Within the family law umbrella, there are different kinds of attorneys managing a wide range of domestic-related issues. These concerns can include marriage, divorce, adoption, surrogacy, paternity, and child custody disputes.


    Under the criminal law field of practice, there are two different kinds of lawyers: prosecutor and defense lawyers. Prosecutors work for the state, and their job is to provide a case against the accused for breaking the law. Conversely, the role of a defense lawyer is to defend the accused, representing their best interests based on evidence and different legal strategies.


    An experienced tax attorney will guide clients through the complex tax laws, saving them large sums of money in allowable tax deductions. Different lawyers within the tax law field of practice will also help prepare clients for IRS audits.


    Immigration lawyers help prospective or recently immigrated individuals with visa applications, green cards, and citizenship criteria. Compared to other different kinds of attorneys, immigration lawyers generally spend less time dealing with disputes in civil courts. Instead, they serve as advisors as well as a mediator between their clients and immigration authorities.

    Personal Injury

    Personal injury is another really broad area of law. Groups under personal injury law consist of car accident attorneys, bicycle accidents, product liability, slip and fall incidents, and medical malpractice. Basically, personal injury claims can include incidents where an injury was sustained because of negligence from an individual, employer, company, or a third-party.


    A labor or employment lawyer assists both employer and employee in various workplace-related matters. For employers, a labor lawyer will ensure they are complying with relevant labor laws, such as discrimination laws, OSHA guidelines, and environmental regulations.

    A labor attorney can also work to defend the interests of employees. They can help employees file lawsuits against employers based on discrimination, wrongful termination, wage and hour claims, and workplace injuries.

    Whatever types of legal issues you’re dealing with, there is a type of attorney that can help you with it. Now that you know what kind of lawyers are available to you, you can feel more confident in approaching the legal concerns of life.

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