Must-see places you can’t miss if you are in Málaga

    The city of Malaga is genuinely unique and beautiful, one of the most spectacular cities in Spain. Renowned for its vast cultural offerings, architecture, beautiful beaches on the shores of the Mediterranean, delicious cuisine, and much more!

    It is said that Malaga has sunny days almost all year round; however, the best time to visit this city is during spring and autumn, when the heat is not so suffocating. The city receives thousands of tourists annually and is even a favorite for international students to vacation while learning with Expanish, one of the most prestigious Spanish language schools.

    And no wonder, as Malaga has so much to offer. There are so many places to see, tour, and experience. The city provides options for all tastes; there are endless activities of all kinds, cultural, sports, leisure, adventure… you name it!

    There is so much to discover that you will not have enough time. That’s why we have compiled this list of the best places in Malaga that you can’t miss. So, pack your backpack and put on sunscreen because below we will tell you all the places you must visit if you are on vacation or taking a Spanish class Málaga.

    The Alcazaba

    A tremendous military structure with massive walls, high towers, archways, and double doors. It is a fortification from the eleventh century, built during the Muslim era in the eleventh century. It is located at the base of Mount Gibralfaro, and its function was to prevent the sieges that occurred during the Reconquest.

    Inside the building are several palaces with fountains, gardens, and courtyards that are well-maintained and well-preserved. The most remarkable is the Plaza de Armas, the Puerta de los Arcos, and the Torre del Homenaje. From there, you can spectacularly see the city, with stunning views of the harbor and the sea.

    In addition, throughout the tour, there are QR codes that you can scan to hear from your smartphone all the details, curiosities, and secrets of every corner. One of the most beautiful walks in the city that you can’t miss!

    Gibralfaro Castle

    Another incredible wonder of the city that can be accessed on foot or by bus from the city center. It can also be accessed from the Alcazaba as a path climbs to the top of the hill. Along the way, you can stop at several natural viewpoints. It is crucial to keep in mind that the path is steep, and it is essential to wear good shoes.

    The castle is a large fortress built in the fourteenth century and has a massive wall with eight towers. It was designed to resist the sieges carried out by the troops of the Catholic Monarchs.

    From one of its highest towers, you can see the city with the sea in the background, a truly incredible and postcard-perfect view.

    Larios Street

    One of the main streets in the historical center of the city. It is one of the most important arteries, which was converted into a pedestrian street in 2002 and grew and transformed yearly.

    The street was inaugurated in 1891, and today, it is full of exclusive stores; moreover, it was named the third most expensive street in Spain. Therefore, you can imagine the level of exclusivity we are talking about.

    Right where the street begins, you can see a sculpture that honors Manuel Domingo Larios, the personality who gave his name to the road.

    Constitution Square

    At the beginning of Larios street is also located the most important square of the city: The Plaza de la Constitución. An icon and emblem of the city.

    A place with a lot of history, surrounded by the oldest buildings, such as the Casa del Consulado and the San Telmo School. This square changed its name many times until, in 1978, it was baptized with the name we know today, and for the moment, it has not been changed again.

    The most important celebrations of the locals take place there. They are decorated with the fountain of Genoa, which is located on one side instead of being in the center since the square usually hosts events, fairs, celebrations, and much more.

    This site is one of the main neuralgic points of the city, where friends meet for a drink as bars, restaurants, and stores surround the square, so it is always awake and running with lots of energy.

    The floor of this square is very particular, as it is decorated with large metal plates that were used to print the city’s leading newspapers. They are the plates used in the most famous newspapers the day they reported on the entry into force of the 1978 Constitution.

    Roman Theater

    This beautiful theater is located at the foot of Alcazaba hill; and is extremely special for being one of the most important monuments preserved from Roman times.

    It was built at the request of Emperor Augustus in the 1st century, and the fascinating thing of all is that it was hidden until 1951 when it was discovered due to an excavation that was carried out to construct a new building. Since then, it has become one of the most important tourist sites in the city.

    When you visit it, you can walk through its initial steps and see several marble plaques where the orchestra is placed.

    Picasso Museum

    One of the most important museums in the city is located in the Buenavista Palace. It is a Renaissance building of the sixteenth century, which displays more than 280 works of the artist, who became one of the primary references of the art by introducing revolutionary techniques for the time, such as cubism.

    Malagueta beach

    It is the most popular beach in the city and Andalusia; therefore, it is usually very populated, especially in summer. Many restaurants and bars offer typical local food at an excellent price. In addition, on Sundays, there is typically a market, and they also set up an open-air cinema.

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