What Can a Fire Watch Patrol Do for Your Business Protection?

    Fire watch patrols are a necessary part of fire protection for businesses and commercial properties. They help businesses reduce their risk of fires, and they can also provide a valuable layer of security.

    Many factors, including human carelessness or maliciousness, power outages, and malfunctioning equipment, can cause fires. Professional fire watch guards can help business owners and property managers minimize the risk of fire by conducting regular inspections.

    Security measurements

    A fire watch patrol is an important security measure for business owners. It can prevent your property from being destroyed by fire and keep your employees safe.

    A good security company will have a team of guards trained to provide this service. These security guards will be on patrol at regular intervals around your property, looking for signs that could indicate a possible fire hazard or other safety concerns.

    They will also check electrical wires to ensure they are properly insulated and free of shorts or sparks that ignite certain materials.

    The fire watch guards will also be responsible for a daily log sheet detailing their time spent on fire watch and what they saw while out on patrol.

    The logging process is important because it helps draw conclusions that could help revise policies and procedures to reduce the risk of a fire breaking out. It also enables the guards to keep a record of their observations, which can be useful in the future when they are reviewing these records for further improvements.

    Safety measurements

    A fire watch patrol provides several safety measures for your business. These include maintaining fire suppression equipment, helping to identify fire hazards, securing a perimeter or entire property from fire outbreaks, and keeping a detailed log of daily events.

    When construction sites have ‘hot work’ processes like welding, soldering, flame-cutting, riveting and brazing, a fire watch guard is often required by the NFPA to monitor the property.

    This is because these types of ‘high-probability’ situations can result in unintended consequences that could endanger lives and businesses.

    Likewise, if a fire alarm or water-based sprinkler system is down for an extended period, a professional fire watch service may be required by law to monitor the premises.

    This is because professional security personnel can detect dangers before they become a problem and mitigate them differently than an automated system can. This difference is crucial for protecting a business from major losses to profit, property, and life.


    The fact that you have a fire alarm system is a good thing, but it can also be a scary business. Having a competent guard on standby can help alleviate any nerves and provide a much-needed distraction to an otherwise tense situation. 

    When it counts, the company’s top-notch customer service department will be on your side. Likewise, they will be happy to provide you with the latest in security technology. From surveillance cameras to alarm systems to nifty little mobile patrols, Guard Alliance will ensure your property is safe from the inside out.

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