The best music genre to listen to before bed

    A good bedtime routine is essential to ensure that you get a quality night’s sleep every evening. But what sort of activity should you do before you go to bed? Everyone’s different, of course, but some activities are proven to result in a better night’s rest and listening to music is one of them.

    With that being said, below, we’ll take a look at why listening to music before bed is a good idea, as well as reveal the best genre of music to listen to before sleep.

    Should you listen to music before you go to sleep?

    As per Betway Insider, listening to music before you go to bed is one of the best things you can do to get a restful night’s sleep. Betway conducted research into how we should be spending our evenings to get the best night’s sleep. Listening to music was fourth on the list of best bedtime activities.

    The survey revealed that listening to music actually produced the longest night’s sleep, with respondents only waking up for 17 minutes throughout the night. With regard to sleep quality, participants scored an average of 87%,

    What sort of music should you listen to before you go to bed?

    The key is to choose music that is relaxing and calms your brain. Worthy choices include chill-out music, classical songs, acoustic tracks, and lullabies.

    Instrumental, slow-paced songs work well, as you’re not going to be distracted by vocals or lyrics. Orchestral music and piano music are popular choices.

    We’ve also seen that Strauss, Mozart, and other classic tunes can lower your blood pressure more than the likes of pop music can.

    If you prefer to listen to modern tracks, there are plenty of options available. Spotify recently revealed that Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran is the most popular song choice found in sleep playlists created by users. Other modern singers that made the cut include John Legend, Ellie Goulding, and Sam Smith.

    No matter what style of music you choose in the end, there is a common theme when it comes to choosing the best music for sleep, and this is a slow tempo. If you want to relax, you should look for songs that have 60 BPM, which stands for beats per minute.

    If you choose a song that’s fast-paced, it’s only going to stimulate your mind and body, which is the complete opposite of what you need to be doing before going to sleep.

    Enjoy a better night’s sleep with some relaxing music before you go to bed

    As you can see, listening to music before bed is one of the best things you can do to ensure you get a full night’s worth of sleep. However, the genre of music does matter. The last thing you want to listen to is energetic music that will energise you and awaken your senses. Instead, it’s important to choose music that will relax you and help you to drift off into a restful sleep.

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