7 Most Anticipated movies Australian Can Stream on HBO Max

    HBO Max is the base of quality movies, and it consists of the best movies of all genres that are fans’ all-time favorites.  To stream HBO Max in Australia, all you need is a reliable VPN service because HBO Max is not available in Australia, and you are good to go.

    The March movie list combines different categories to give you the best from different angles. Some are from the old times but are now streamable on the service. You can explore this ocean that does not meet its end, and you always get something great to watch one after another.

    To make your March more exciting with the changing season, catch these 7 most anticipated movies on HBO Max you can stream in Australia with VPN.

    Creed I & II

    Creed lll cinematic release has caught everyone’s’ attention. Those who didn’t see the last two parts are now looking to stream them to understand this continuation. You can easily watch Creed l and ll on HBO Max.

    The movie is from the Rocky franchise but holds the Adonis Creed frame of mind. Rocky mentors and trains him to fetch the best boxer out of him. The movie shows the fire of revenge burning in Adonis to defeat Drago’s son. In the past fights, Drago killed Apollo Creed (Adonis’s Father).

    As time passes, Adonis comes to the point where Drago challenges him. He goes against

    Rocky’s wish and accepts the challenge to take his father’s revenge. Stream this action to see what happens in the ring and who stands till last.

    I Love You, Man

    If you are a fan of Hollywood, you must know Jason Segel and Paul Rudd and their comedy timing. And when they share the screen, nothing you can afford to miss remains. You will see Rude with a character named Peter, a real estate agent who gets engaged to Zooey.

    Peter meets Sydney (Segel) at an open house as the movie progresses. Sydney is an investor who later develops a bond with Zoey and inappropriately rubs her.

    But Peter feels forced to set him apart with this new friendship after Sydney makes a reckless financial decision. Will things become better before the wedding day? Watch the movie to find out.

    Zack Snyder’s Justice League

    Bruce Wayne, inspired by Superman’s act of serving humanity and restoring faith, tells about the threat. Wonder Woman accompanying Batman, builds a team to face the enemy.

    Heroes, including Aquaman, Batman, Cyborg, Wonder Woman, and Flash, form to save the humans, but things seem out of their hands. Now, what will heroes do, and will evil conquer the good? See what happens to humanity’s future in this Justice League series.


    If you are looking for some old action in today’s time, this movie is for you. Cobra, a police officer in Los Angeles, is trying to stop the killing spree carried out by a secret underground society, calling it New Order.

    Society identifies weak members from them and puts them on their deathbeds. This killing rate is on the rise, and to control it, Cobra takes protective measures for model Ingrid. During this, he starts falling for her. Now they are fighting to keep their lives safe from prying eyes.

    Those Who Wish Me Dead

    This masterpiece is directed by Taylor Sheridan. It is an American action movie filled with thrillers. The movie is about a boy who sees his father being killed with his own eyes. Now the boy’s life is in danger, but the smokejumper is trying her best to save his life. Check out the IMDB rating of this movie.

    House Party

    Best friends and aspiring club promoters Damon and Kevin are struggling to keep things aligned. They are broke, fortune has also left them, and they can become homeless anytime. These best buddies require a big bang to come out of their problems and settle down things.

    To do that, they organize a party that belongs to the NBA superstar LeBron James. This windfall on destiny can help them.

    Vampire in Brooklyn

    The crew staff of a ship dock in Brooklyn is dead. Someone has their feet on the land, and the murder numbers are not taking stop. A Caribbean vampire is in search of a female who is half vampire and half woman. Detective Rita is investigating to solve the mystery.


    Picking a movie is difficult when you have a massive content library. And while searching, we sometimes miss the gem which remains hidden in the crowded movie space. We have collected these gems and have put them in front of you. These movies are presently available on HBO Max to stream.

    To stream these worth-watching movies in Australia, all you need is a VPN to bypass geo-restrictions and enjoy your movie night. Or you can also check out the best 50 movies to watch in 2023.

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