Jennifer Aniston’s Effortless Beauty Secrets

    Our favorite ’90s “it” girl, Jennifer Aniston, hasn’t aged a minute! Throughout her career, she has continually switched up her looks and styles but the one thing that remains constant is her flawless skin. How does she do it? Well – for starters – even when on F.R.I.E.N.D.S., Jennifer followed a very simple skincare routine. She lives by the “less is more” mantra and still sticks to it today.
    Happy Skin from the Inside Out
    Apart from taking care of her skin externally, Jen also takes care of her body internally. No matter where she is or how busy she gets, she always manages to squeeze in some exercise. Additionally, Jenn emphasizes that beauty sleep isn’t just a myth; getting enough shut-eye plays a massive role in maintaining youthful and healthy-looking skin.
    As we all know by now – age ain’t nothing but a number for this timeless babe radiating good vibes wherever she goes! Although Jen keeps it pretty simple with regards to products on her face (less is more!), #truth – skincare routine alone didn’t make Jen into such an evergreen beauty icon.
    Changing The Aging Game
     Jen is no stranger to challenging norms and speaking her mind – especially when it comes to aging! Speaking about outdated ideas like looking great “for your age,” Jennifer said: at some point in your life should you start looking worse? Nah-uh!
    Tired of *Tightening* Your Belt? Infrared Saunas!
    Jennifer has been living for infrared saunas and swears by them for rejuvenating and invigorating her energy, sleep, and – you guessed it – skin. “Right after I do the gym, I hit the sauna a couple of times a week,” she shared.
    Not stopping there, Jennifer’s arsenal of beauty tricks knows no bounds! She says eye masks and cryo sticks are also must-haves in her skincare routine. Freezing these bad boys overnight before using them in the morning is an effective way to tighten up that face.
    Look Younger Naturally
    Timeless queen Jen loves natural beauty! The less makeup – or less *stuff* on our faces in general- ,the better we look according to her philosophy. By “peeling away those layers (makeup)” when she moved to Hollywood during her F.R.I.E.N.D.S days, Jen realized keeping things simple was key.
    So what can you expect from this icon’s personal skincare lineup? Her recipe for natural beauty includes a scrub, mask – she is also a huge advocate of natural and effective lotions and creams that help rejuvenate the skin. She – like many others nowadays – is a fan of formulas and custom possibilities that react to any skincare need.
    So as you can see – Jennifer Aniston’s timeless looks consist of following a basic yet practical skincare regime involving select few steps & products with “less is more” attitude ensuring internal care via exercise & adequate sleep while seeking some unconventional methods like Infrared saunas and recyclable coldwater splashes.

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