Jess Williamson Releases New Single ‘Time Ain’t Accidental’

    Jess Williamson has released ‘Time Ain’t Accidental’, the opening title track from her forthcoming album, which is out June 9 via Mexican Summer. It follows previous offerings ‘Hunter’ and ‘Chasing Spirits’, both of which made our Best New Songs list. Check out a one-shot video for the song below.

    ​”​The lyrics ​to ‘Time Ain’t Accidental​’​ ​came pouring out of me because i​t’​s the true story of a very special day when I was falling in love with the person who is now my partner,” Williamson explained in a statement. “The chorus references a Raymond Carver book of short stories I was reading at the time, and to me the song itself feels like a short story. For the video, we wanted to make the album cover come to life. ​We shot ​it in one take on Pinto Canyon Road outside of Marfa, Texas during a storm. That specific stretch of highway is really special to me, because when I was working on the record I would go on long walks down this empty road listening back to my mixes and working out the album sequence. When I’m out there alone I feel like the only person inside of a vast painting, it’s surreal, and I wanted to share that feeling with the world.”

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