Inking Your Path: A Guide To Pursuing a Career as a Tattoo Artist

    Are you seeking a fulfilling career to express your creativity and passion? Then it’s time to think about pursuing your ambition to become a tattoo artist. Tattooing is an art form with significant cultural roots. It’s also becoming popular for self-expression.

    It’s not surprising that many people are exploring tattooing careers. But where do you start? To help you, we’ll cover the basic steps to take when inking your path and pursuing a career as a tattoo artist. Continue reading to learn about your journey’s steps. 

    Learn the Basics of Tattooing

    To become a prosperous tattoo artist, you must learn the basics. Understanding human anatomy, different skin types, and how inks work is crucial to creating stunning pieces of art on the skin. 

    But how do you learn the basics? You have options! Dive into a good book, scour the internet for tutorials, or take it to the next level and enrol in an accredited school.

    Remember, becoming a great artist takes time and dedication. Yet don’t let that discourage you! Learning the basics and practising will get you to your tattooing goals quickly.

    And as your skills evolve, you may also encounter clients seeking to modify or remove previous tattoos, which makes understanding the process of tattoo removal just as important. This knowledge ensures you can provide comprehensive care throughout the tattoo lifecycle, from creation to alteration or removal.

    Get Apprenticeship Experience

    Now it’s time to take specialties to the next level – apprenticeship style. Sure, it may appear daunting, but hear me out. You could end up scoring a gig with the best of the best, creating killer tats that’d make anyone drool.

    You must build up your skills, one masterful piece at a time, until your portfolio is the envy of all. But it’s not always just about the artwork that you’ve got on display – connections count and could make the distinction between a pass or a nod.

    Pull up your big-girl/bouncy-boy pants and get out there. Getting that tattoo apprenticeship is like the holy grail of tattooing. You can get in if you work hard.

    Decide on Location

    While the area where you gain your apprenticeship experience can play a big role in where you end up deciding to establish your roots, at the end of the day it is your choice. It might be in your best interest to remain in the area where you grew and developed your skills, as you likely have developed some level of local network, but it is ultimately up to you.

    Your location will most certainly have a huge effect on not only your business and level of success, but also the style requests and overall type of clientele you will receive. If you were to begin your career in a small, southern city in the Carolinas, there might not be as much competition and you might see more traditional, old-school designs, whereas starting a tattoo shop in NYC would be the polar opposite. There is an extremely high volume of competition in New York, but there is also a far larger customer base with an insanely wider variety of design and style preferences.

    Just make sure you consider your options before settling down in one location, but don’t overthink it. You can always relocate!

    Get Licensed

    Before you start inking up your friends, it’s essential to know that getting licensed is a must. Taking a course, passing an exam, and paying fees may seem like a bother.

    Not just is it required by law, but it shows how devoted you are to providing safe and quality services to your clients. Plus, imagine having that extra sense of pride and accomplishment when you can finally proclaim that you’re a certified tattoo artist.

    Take it slow and don’t give up—you’ll show your creativity while following the guidelines. So Get licensed and demonstrate your skills.

    Buy Tattooing Equipment

    To succeed in tattooing, you need the right equipment. Quality ink, needles, and other supplies need to be purchased and maintained for excellent results.

    Your style will also require special attention when it comes to selecting your tools. Trying something new requires the right gear.

    It also depends on where you acquire products. You want quality products from a reliable supplier or you can order tattoo supplies Canada online. It will also help you build relationships with other professionals in the industry.

    Market Your Skill

    It’s time to demonstrate your skills. With social media at our fingertips, marketing yourself has never been easier. Start by creating profiles on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Any of this or other platforms that you think will benefit your business.

    Share your work after setting up your profiles. Share pictures and videos of your finished pieces, but don’t forget to also give your followers a glimpse into your creative process with works-in-progress.

    If you have a cool method, share it too. The more you encounter with your followers. More attention means more potential clients will hire you for your abilities.

    Keep Current with Trends

    It’s important to keep up with tattoo trends and styles because the business is always evolving. You don’t want to be that artist who’s still using outdated techniques and strategies from 10 years ago, right?

    Following the big players in the industry is a beautiful place to start. Check out what they’re up to on the gram and get inspired by their creativity. And don’t forget to hit up your local tattoo conventions and seminars.

    Not only will you learn new practices. However, you’ll also get to mingle with other industry pros. So hold your finger on the pulse and keep those needles buzzing with fresh new ideas.

    Final Thoughts

    Overall, becoming a tattoo artist is a long and challenging process. You may succeed with passion, patience, and attention to your craft.

    After all, there’s nothing like seeing a happy customer walking away with the tattoo of their dreams – that kind of satisfaction is worth every ounce of sweat and ink.

    You’ll have everything you need to start inking with this guide. So what are you waiting for? Consider the above tips, and get started on inking your path. Best of luck!

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