Watch Spotlight: Grand Seiko Heritage Shunbun Cherry Blossom

    Taking its inspiration from Japan’s ‘fleeting sakura’ season, this majestic Grand Seiko Heritage Shunbun Cherry Blossom is a modern reinterpretation of the brand’s iconic 62GS from 1967, which became Grand Seiko’s first automatic piece to enter the market. In this piece, I’ll explore why I adore this iconic piece by the beloved Grand Seiko.


    The dial of this watch offers a captivating visual experience, transporting you to Hana-Ikada, a beloved scene during Shunbun, just after the spring equinox. It beautifully depicts the moment when cherry blossom petals, carried by the wind, delicately blanket the surface of a river. Its textured surface and gentle pale pink colour capture the enchantment of this cherished occasion in the Japanese calendar.

    With a diameter of 40mm, the piece fits nicely on the wrist, and its strap and case are made of titanium, allowing it to be stronger and lighter than most stainless steel watches. Besides, it has a water resistance of 10 bar (100 metres), so you won’t have to worry about damage while going for a casual swim.


    The cherry on top for some but certainly for those that adore a great movement is that this watch comes with the self-winding Spring Drive movement (calibre 9R65). It has excellent accuracy with a power reserve of around three days and 30 jewels, ensuring smoothness and less friction.


    Grand Seiko’s have grown on many people in the last five years. Much of it is due to the adoption of influential figures on the social media space and the rightful hype of their Spring Drive movement. This Heritage Shunbun Cherry Blossom is no exception to the quality that Grand Seiko produce. It’s true that Grand Seiko typically isn’t considered a sound investment, but they certainly deliver on quality and individuality. At £6,200, this piece certainly tickles the interest, and while many other great options come at this price point and below by artisan brands in Switzerland and Germany, the calibre and the beautiful dial would seal the deal when it comes to this style of watch.

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