The Eyeglasses that Every Fan of Marvel Comics Needs in Their Lives

    In 2022, Gunnar Optiks joined forces with Marvel to create an innovative collection of eyewear designed to protect eyes from the harmful effects of the blue light emitted from digital screens. Eight frames were unveiled, inspired by iconic characters from the Marvel universe, such as Spider-Man, Miles Morales, and Black Panther, and available for both kids and adults.

    Lenses with Blue-Light-Blocking Superpowers

    The Vision Council of America estimates that around 70% of adults in the US experience eyestrain as a direct consequence of the use of digital devices and the harmful blue light they emit, which can also disrupt our natural sleep cycle – and lower our mood and energy levels as a consequence.

    The Gunnar Optiks Marvel collection of blue-light-blocking eyeglasses have been specifically designed to protect the eyes from blue light and promote better clarity, focus, and performance – and, of course, to celebrate our favorite heroes from the Marvel universe.

    The Spider-Man Collection

    The Enigma and the Cruz-Spider-Man-Miles Morales models, incorporating high-quality nylon frame materials, are on a mission to protect all eyes! The former has a wide fit and a fixed nose bridge, sturdy multi-barrel hinges, and anti-reflective lens coating and (like the majority of the eyewear in this collection) is available in the lens prescription range of -5 to +5. The latter is designed for kids aged twelve and upwards and boasts an amber lens tint, a wide format lens design for full coverage, and a smudge-resistant lens coating.

    And younger superheroes don’t need to miss out. The Cruz Kids Large model is suitable for mini Spider-People between the ages of eight and twelve and has a hingeless design for superior flexibility and a curved nose rest for even weight distribution – meaning your kid will be comfortable wearing them all day long.

    The Black Panther Collection

    Ready to channel your inner warrior? Performance and protection combine in the three models in this collection. The Enigma Black Panther Edition model boasts distinctive purple and black frames with amber-tinted lenses. They block 100% of UVA and UVB light (as well as provide protection from blue light, of course) and incorporate Gunnar’s patented lens technology. 

    For a more subtle look, opt for Mateo Black Panther Vibranium Edition glasses, with a thin purple and black metal rim, classic round shape, and keyhole bridge. They feature high-quality spring hinges, premium titanium lightweight frame material, and adjustable nose pads to enable you to achieve the very best comfort level and fit.

    The purple-framed Cruz Black Panther Edition model has been designed for warriors aged twelve and upwards, has a low bridge fit, smudge-resistant lenses, and comes with a protective glasses case and clip.

    The Stark Industries Collection

    The perfect eyewear for a Stark Industries associate, the models in this collection boast lightweight stainless steel frames and a sleek design that Tony himself would be proud to wear. The Stark Industries Computer model allows you to opt for either a clear or amber lens tint – prescription lenses can be fitted if required. These eyeglasses come with an exclusive Stark Industries case, microfiber cleaning cloth, and pouch.

    Or how about the Stark Industries Edition sunglasses? With their blue-tinted lenses that block 100% of UV light, a durable frame, and sturdy multi-barrel hinges, these shades are likely to be a great style investment.

    Vintage Collectible Marvel Eyewear

    And if you’re in the market to expand your Marvel merchandise and memorabilia collection with some vintage eyewear, there are plenty of options to choose from, like the rare Incredible Hulk kids’ sunglasses that came with an edition of the Marvel comic in 1978 or the red-framed Avengers-Spider-Man sunglasses from 1990. You may even be lucky enough to get your hands on the black-framed Wayfarer-style shades given away with the Mascara de Latex edition of the comic featuring Thor.

    How About the Marvel Characters Who Wear Glasses?

    It’s not just fans that wear Marvel glasses, the heroes and villains of its cinematic universe do, too. Daredevil, Cyclops, Hawkeye, and Blade are just a few examples of spectacle-sporting characters. Then there’s Kate Bishop, who appears in some of the Marvel comics, whose Clubmaster-style shades do nothing to detract from her archery, fencing, and martial arts skills.

    Wonder Man, created by Stan Lee, first appeared in The Avengers #9 comic, wearing a pair of orange shades that were as slick as his superhuman skills, and Beast, who is a recurring character in the X-Men franchise, wears a small pair of rimless circular glasses to support his brain-busting work in the lab.

    Marvel Glasses: Promoting Super Sight

    If you’re looking for vintage Marvel eyeglasses to add to your collection, you won’t be disappointed by the range available – although expect to pay a significant sum for rarer items. However, if you’re seeking a pair of stylish new prescription spectacles or sunglasses that also express your love for the comics, then the range from Gunnar is likely to be perfect for you. 

    Whether you want prescription specs for close work or your Marvel-loving child needs a pair of glasses that are as durable as they are comfortable, the range is comprehensive enough to see you right – literally.

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