Interview: Vittoria Beltrame

    Art curator and advisor Vittoria Beltrame is an emerging name in the art world. A few days ago, Beltrame opened her latest exhibition titled Intuition Goes Before You in 13 Soho Square featuring artists such as Isabella Lolita Amram, Ashley Cluer, Helen Bermingham, Eva Dixon, and Rebecca Hardaker. To talk about art and her work, Beltrame joined me for a brief interview.

    Hi, how are you and how is the world of art treating you?

    Hi Modestas, I’m well thank you. Excited for the show I currently have in Soho Square. I’ve always wanted to be involved in the artworld – like anywhere, it can be challenging for a number of different reasons, but it is also so rewarding! Being surrounded by like-minded people and beautiful art all the time is a dream.

    You’re an art curator, advisor, and art dealer. How did the combination of roles come about, and how does it affect your daily work routine?

    I think that for now my practice is mainly focused on curating, however the combination of these roles go hand in hand. When putting together an exhibition I want to work and choose artists that 100% align with my vision and that I consider great and talented. This reflects onto the selling and advisory practice. It wouldn’t feel right to suggest a piece to a client that I don’t myself believe in.

    You’ve curated numerous exhibitions. What is the most important goal when selecting works and artists for an exhibition?

    The main goal is for the concept of the exhibition to be perceivable and coherent, and most importantly for it to be interesting to analyse. An exhibition that is conceptually dense and stimulating will add to the space and will push the audience to ponder on the implications of a specific chosen topic, leaving food for thought.

    Intuition Goes Before You / Photo by Carlo Micheli

    Do you have a favourite artist you’ve worked with, and why?

    I’m truly not able to answer this question.. I’ve been so excited and happy to work with all of them thus far, and there are so many artists I am yet to work with and discover! It’s a never-ending joy and constant thrill to focus on the exhibition being done currently but also brainstorm for future ones, how I can incorporate artists I’ve already had the pleasure to work with and looking forward to working with so many other ones!

    If you had a dream exhibition with any five artists, dead or alive, who would you pick and why?

    This is a tricky question as there honestly isn’t a limit to the artists I’d want to work with! So many artists I admire and would love to work with, and so many different art movements and concepts to play around. To give you an example, for my Master’s thesis at Christie’s I had imagined a transhistorical exhibition that saw Medieval art interact with Post-War artists such as Donald Judd and Dan Flavin analysed from the concept of perspective and how an object interacts with the space and the visitors turning an exhibition into an experience in itself. But truly it would be impossible for me to pinpoint down 5 artists from the history of art and from our days that I admire and that I look forward to collaborating with!

    Thank you for joining us Vittoria!

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