Watch Spotlight: Baltic Bicompax 003

    There is a perception that luxury is out of reach for most people. However, brands like Baltic, which make watches that look luxurious and offer sound value for money, contest this notion. In this Watch Spotlight, we will focus on their wonderful timepiece Bicompax 003, a Chronograph timepiece inspired by the 1940s.


    When it comes to hitting the mark, the Bicompax 003 hits it right on the mark. As a starting point, the watch comes in a clean stainless case in three dial variations: Silver Blue, Salmon, and Blue Gilt. Typically, we have a favourite dial, but this timepiece has three that are hard to choose between. All of the dial choices are top-end and eye-pleasing. For example, the Silver Blue brings out a beautiful sense of the ocean through its layering and can be worn with monochromatic outfits or playfully layered three-piece suits. With its gold-like appearance and white markers, the Salmon variation can be worn to cocktail parties or formal award ceremonies. Lastly, we have the mysterious and dark Blue Gilt, which, like the others, adds a sense of vintage and richness to any well-crafted outfit with its striking appearance. As a side note, Blue Gilt goes superbly with Baltic’s stitched green strap.

    Before we get too carried away, the case diameter measures 36.5mm while the lug-to-lug measures 46mm. Certainly suitable for most wrists. The watch’s thickness is a relatively friendly 13mm and includes a high-domed hesalite glass for consistently eye-pleasing appearances.

    Let us move on to the straps. The typical choice without additional fees is the stitched strap, which comes in navy blue, green, saffiano black, and lion. Moreover, you can go for a bracelet with two options: beads of rice and flat link options, bringing a more sporty look to the timepiece.


    Like the dials, the movement does not disappoint. The watch uses a Manual Seagull ST1901 movement, a chronograph movement with a power reserve of 42 hours, making it suitable for horology enthusiasts who prefer a watch they can tinker with constantly.


    So, should you buy the Bicompax 003? Well, at 540 euros on the Baltic website, the quality provided by Bicompax 003 seems justified. However, the price can vary if you choose the open case back, which is an additional 25 euros. The price will also increase if you choose the beads or rice of flat link options for the strap by 60 euros. So, if you go for the most expensive option, you may spend around 625 euros.

    Considering all these factors, the watch is an excellent value for money, purely on its aesthetics alone. Also, brands like Baltic are true aficionados of timepieces; they do not chug out a piece every other week for an event or memorable holiday. So, the Bicompax 003 gets a big thumbs up from Our Culture.

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