Energy Exploding at BEONIX 2023: Black Coffee, Jan Blomqvist, and Joyhauser

    Watch out, dancers! The lineup BEONIX offers for 2023 is full of top-notch DJs with their hottest hits. The dance floor will heat up to the point where it’s fraught with a massive blast of energy.

    In this post, we’ll introduce you to the most explosive performers of the festival’s second year. So let’s meet them.

    Your Cup of Coffee 

    What do we know about black coffee? It’s low in calories and contains caffeine, which promotes weight loss and boosts energy.

    What do we know about Black Coffee? He’s a gifted South African DJ whose dance tracks boost energy, give positive emotions, and make hearts beat faster.

    Breakthrough DJ in the DJ Awards 2015, Best Deep House DJ according to the same award in 2017, and the author of the Best Dance/Electronic Album in the Grammy 2022. These are just a few of Black Coffee’s distinctions.

    Talent makes all the difference. The DJ proved it with his first album. Made with simple music production software, it was astonishing in its unprecedented sound.

    Mixing traditional South African styles, jazz tunes, vocals, tribal, soul, and R’n’B into his house, he produces genuinely hypnotic and seductive music.

    Black Coffee’s beats stimulate better than caffeine. Their energy instantly transfers to your body, which can’t resist the groove.

    Jan of All Trades

    He could have been a rock or punk star. But luckily for all of us, he chose electronic music. Jan Blomqvist pursued his dream with determination and persistence, and he made it.

    Small-town concerts for a bunch of listeners he gave with his band as a teenager transformed into immense live shows. Tens of thousands of people already listened to him and moved, mesmerized by his music.

    Jan’s tracks had the dance floor exploding at Tomorrowland, Coachella, and Burning Man. Now, it’s time for BEONIX.

    Blomqvist has hundreds of gigs under his belt, touring without respite in Europe and around the world. He is coveted by every venue — be it an electronic music festival or a nightclub.

    Jan is a true jack of all trades in his work: he plays the piano and the guitar, sings, writes lyrics, and produces music.

    Often with a dash of rock’n’roll, his tracks are never pure techno or electro. And the musician himself does not strive to stick to any particular genre. His tracks are for everyone.

    Best Friends Forever

    Joyhauser is a prime example of how music unites and changes lives: it made Joris Cielen and Stijn Vanspauwen friends first and then a successful techno duo. 

    Their journey to the top took time, but it was worth it. After DJing solo, they decided to join forces on a common project, and teamwork made the dream work.

    After gaining popularity in their native Belgium, the duo became well-known and sought-after at Europe’s leading electronic music events and clubs. The crowds at Tomorrowland and Awakenings were electrified by their powerful sets.

    That’s exactly what rave sounds like. No wonder because the music was created by those who know everything from the inside out. 

    Bold, hard-hitting beats that strike a spark are softened by ethereal melodies. Fans of techno and EDM in general couldn’t help but fall in love with their style.

    Track after track, remix after remix, Joyhauser hits more playlists and the souls of listeners who crave a deep musical and emotional experience.

    Come and Get Energized

    Beonix is a music festival where EDM rules the day. And that means a non-stop energy supply is guaranteed.

    Last year’s event was rich in incendiary DJ mixes. The upcoming iteration will carry on the tradition. 

    Come and witness the triumph of electronic music performed by the prodigies of the genre. The celebration will take place at ETKO, Limassol, Cyprus, 22-24 September 2023.

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