Bingo superstitions: Separating fact from fiction

    All casino games have a string of superstitions associated with them – some more than others. In particular, the popular game of Bingo has a fair share of superstitions.

    Delving further into the world of Bingo superstitions, it’s evident that many of them are purely just our minds trying to seek patterns in randomness.

    Carry on reading to separate fact from fiction and see what some people believe about this chance-based game.

    Does seating matter?

    If you’re heading to a land-based Bingo hall, it’s time to pick a seat to begin daubing off your numbers.

    A common superstition regarding this is that certain seats are ‘luckier’ than others, so some players won’t take a seat until a particular one is available, or refuse to move from their usual spot.

    It’s important to remember that luck is just a concept, as Bingo is a chance-based game, so seat selection has no impact on a Bingo game’s result.

    Can you see a full moon?

    This is a common belief where individuals think that the presence of a full moon can influence various life aspects, including casino game outcomes, like Bingo.

    Some believe they may have better chances of success during a full moon, whereas others might avoid playing a game.

    With no scientific evidence supporting these claims, this is just another way to try and seek patterns in randomness, which cannot be found when it comes to Bingo.

    What about the number seven?

    In many cultures, the number seven is often considered a ‘lucky’ number. During a Bingo game, some players believe that crossing off a seven on their cards will bring success.

    In reality, this superstition has no effect on the probability of shouting “Bingo”. This superstition can be easily disproved, as every number on a Bingo card has an equal chance of being called.

    Do you have any “lucky” charms?

    Many people own what they believe are lucky charms and many carry them around with them daily.

    These could range from special jewellery to an item of clothing or a photo. Of course, these are lovely to have as a positive reminder, but there is no proven evidence to support them affecting Bingo outcomes. 

    You will still have the same chances of success if you bring your lucky charm to your next Bingo game, or you don’t.

    Have you heard of “the winner’s curse”?

    When attending a Bingo hall, some players believe that someone who has recently achieved a great prize is unlikely to find success anytime soon – known as “the winner’s curse”.

    This superstition suggests that the universe balances this idea of ‘luck’, although this isn’t supported by any logical evidence.

    The outcomes of a game are random, so a current win or loss can’t influence future results.

    With five Bingo superstitions that you might have heard of, has this article changed your view on any? 

    The key point to remember before playing any Bingo game is that every game is random and you’ll never know what might happen next. What will be the outcome of the next Bingo game you play?

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