6 Best Movies With the Best Cinematography to Watch on Television

    Cinematography is one of the most important factors for the success of any movie. Movies with good cinematography captivate you and take you on a rollercoaster of emotions to show you why we all love cinema. 

    The list of movies with outstanding cinematography is endless. However, here are some of the best movies that deserve a lot of praise. They’re also perfect for watching on your TV with their amazing effects.

    Movies With the Best Cinematography on Television

    I don’t prefer watching movies with top-notch cinematography on my phone or laptop. Trust me, the whole effect gets ruined! Instead, I use a Firestick with my television to watch movies on the (slightly) big screen.

    The only drawback I’ve to face sometimes with the device is buffering, as it requires high-speed Internet.

    Hence, watching movies with high-definition video or vivid cinematography on it can get a little annoying. When I watch such movies, I often use a few methods to stop buffering on FireStick like clearing App cache & restarting modem for a seamless experience. I recommend you do the same with whichever streaming device you own and enjoy the below-mentioned movies!

    • Oppenheimer

    Oppenheimer, Christopher Nolan’s latest hit, is a total masterpiece. From the cinematography to the acting, everything is on point. 

    It’s about the extraordinary life of Dr. Robert Oppenheimer and the creation of the atomic bomb. An event that has changed our world for good. It’s a 3-hour movie but the story is so engaging that you won’t even feel the time passing. 

    This film’s cinematography, great story, and brilliant acting managed to convey the darkness of that era and how it has reshaped our world. 

    Christopher Nolan did not use any CGI in this film, which is astonishing considering that the movie includes the explosion of an atomic bomb.

    Although they did not have an actual nuclear device on set, they did a great job showing us the magnitude and horror that comes along with an atomic bomb. 

    • There Will Be Blood 

    There Will Be Blood is a classic American movie that withstood the test of time and is still considered a masterpiece today. The movie is about ruthless Daniel Plainview and his quest for wealth in oil-rich California. It talks about capitalism, religion, and industriousness. 

    The way the camera captures the vast, sweeping landscapes of the American West is truly breathtaking. They used long camera shots and fewer cuts to make you feel the tension of the scenes and their intensity. 

    The movie won the Oscar for Best Cinematography back in 2008. It was even nominated for Best Picture. 

    I cannot miss talking about the outstanding performance of Daniel Day-Lewis, who managed to walk away with an Oscar for Best Actor that year.

    • Interstellar 

    Any list of best cinematography movies must include Interstellar. It’s another Christopher Nolan movie that will take you to distant galaxies and remind you of why exactly we love cinema. 

    Christopher Nolan always prefers using practical effects over CGI and VFX. He didn’t use any green screen in the whole movie. To make the characters look out of the spacecraft and see celestial bodies on set, they used digital projections of planets, wormholes, and black holes outside the spacecraft’s windows.

    This movie is also based on real science and theories. Scientists praised the movie for its scientific accuracy. 

    Moreover, the first image of the black hole which was released in 2019 was very similar to the black hole that was created in the movie.

    • The Revenant 

    The Revenant is based on the true life events of Hugh Glass and his journey to survive after a brutal bear attack. 

    The cinematography and philosophy of storytelling in the film are brilliant. The movie is successful at keeping you on the edge of your seat throughout its entirety. The filmmakers captured the environment and the cruelty of nature and managed to keep the tension throughout the movie. 

    The dialogue in this film is very less but it focused on cinematography and conveying the harshness of the events to the audience. But even the less dialogue was outstanding that every sentence could be used as a separate quote. 

    Leonardo DiCaprio won his first-ever Oscar for Best Actor after his top-notch performance in this movie. 

    • Blade Runner 2049

    Blade Runner 2049 uses both practical lighting and CGI to create jaw-dropping environments that you have never seen before.  

    It is a sequel to the first Blade Runner movie that came out in 1982. The original Blade Runner was a turning point in the world of visual effects, and Blade Runner 2049 follows its lead. 

    The cinematography, camera movement, and utilization of usual effects truly gave us an exceptional experience. The movie won 2 well-deserved Oscars for Best Cinematography and Best Visual Effects.

    • 1917

    How about a movie that appears to be taken as a single shot? 1917 is actually composed of numerous shots but they are added together in a way to look as if the entire movie was taken in a single shot. 

    The one-shot technique added a lot of complexity to the movie and its cinematography, but it was necessary. It supported the idea that the movie was trying to convey, connected the audience with the characters, and made it a lot different than any other war movie we’ve seen. 

    The cinematography of this film was exceptional regardless of the complexity. With a limited range of camera movement to use the one-shot technique, the movie well-informed us about the geography, history, and even the weather of the events. It also properly conveyed the horrors of the war to the audience.

    Final Thoughts 

    Movies with good cinematography give us unforgettable scenes that stick in our memories forever. 

    From the stunning visuals to the myriad of emotions, cinematography keeps us eager for more magic!

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