5 things to look out for during a typical Blackjack game

    Many people love a game of Blackjack and it’s not surprising due to how easy it is to play and the fun gamers can have when playing.

    Within a typical game of Blackjack there are a variety of things to know and look out for that will make your gaming experience a whole lot easier.

    Whilst these tips may be useful for the most classic Blackjack (also known as American Blackjack), they may come in handy for a variety of Blackjack games.

    So, what should you be looking for during a typical Blackjack game?

    Table rules and game variations

    There are a variety of Blackjack games available to play, each with its own rules and betting options.

    Before playing or betting, it’s useful to be aware of these rules. For example, a rule that can differ from game to game is whether the dealer hits or stands on a hand of 17.

    Familiarising yourself with this and the other rules that may be in play can help during future Blackjack games to come if you choose to play again!

    The dealer’s upcard 

    If you know anything about Blackjack, you’ll know that one of the most important elements of a Blackjack game is the dealer’s up card, which is visible to every player.

    Utilising this card during gameplay can help shape your next move – you’ll be more inclined to know whether you should hit, stand, split your hand, or double down.

    Of course, it’s still all based on chance, so even when you do see the dealer’s up card, you won’t be sure to win the game if you use this information.

    Your hand total

    Knowing how much your hand totals is vital within any Blackjack game, as it determines how to best play – similarly to the dealer’s up card.

    You want to get as close to 21 as possible without going bust. Although this is impossible to control yourself as the game is based on chance, some things may help gameplay.

    For example, if your hand total is low, it may be best to hit – and if your total is looking high, choosing to stand to avoid going bust could be a wiser decision.

    It’s also important to understand the value of an Ace card, which can be one or 11, based on which benefits your current hand or they can even be split to form two separate hands.

    So, what will you decide to do?

    Other players’ actions

    Typically, you won’t be playing against other players in a Blackjack game – you’ll be solely playing against the dealer.

    Although, the actions of other players at the table can still impact your game and how you decide to play.

    By paying attention to how others are playing, you can see how it affects the cards that are dealt, so if a player is dealt a card you were hoping for, you could change how you play.

    Again, due to the chance-based nature of the game, although this can help, this can never determine success!

    Bankroll management

    Blackjack is not all about playing cards, you also have to balance that with managing your bets and bankroll.

    A good tip is to set a budget before playing, so you can decide how much you’re willing to wager and stick to it.

    Defining your bankroll management is key to ensuring a fun and fair game without risking more than you can afford to lose!

    With these five things to look out for during a standard Blackjack game, how will you use them in your next game?

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