Tips on Game Localization: How to Produce Credible Video Game Content

    Game localization is a dispensable process that can contribute to the popularity of video game content, making it much more enjoyable and accessible for international players. If you have never had a similar experience, you should realize that mere translation is not enough. Instead, you will have to adapt the game to cultural, regional, and technical preferences and requirements. Managing the game localization is a challenging process that will require flawless strategy. 

    Are you a college student working on game localization? Do you have little idea how to thrive with the undertaking? What are the steps to start the process with? 

    First of all, take your time. The process requires ultimate attention to detail, so you will have to cope with all your college assignments and free some of your time to make sure the video game localization you do is a blast. Check out free essay samples on Speedy Paper and make sure the professional writers will deal with your academic projects so that you have enough time to immerse into a new sphere, gaining skills, expanding vision, and obtaining new knowledge. Once there are no urgent projects for you to deal with, you are ready to check out the most effective tips and guidelines that will make your game localization experience smooth and problem-free. 

    Start with the Content Analysis 

    Profound analysis of the game is one of the most critical parts of the pre-localization process. During the preparatory stage, the team should determine the parts, aspects, and elements to be translated. Additionally, the target audience, the peculiarities of data adaptation, the needed resources, and similar items should be analyzed and specified during this stage. This stage will predetermine the further video game localization process and its peculiarities. 

    Localize the Code

    Once the parts of the game to be translated are determined, it is indispensable to pull those strings from the current code and push them to the TMS (Translation Management System). It is impossible to translate the game experience unless it is written the way to be translated. 

    There are numerous factors that should be taken into account during this stage, and the most important one is the compatibility of the game with mobile devices. 

    Mind the Translation

    Browsing or similar pages, one of the aspects you will notice is the simplicity of the used language. The content available on such websites is easy to read and comprehend, which adds to their credibility. Make sure the content you create coincides with the original text and is still easy to understand. 

    Care for the Technical Adjustments

    Localizing the code, you will get resource files. It is inevitable to use the pre-built or custom-built integrations to ingest content to a TSM. Keep in mind that the repository peculiarities may influence the process, but the basics will remain unchanged. 

    Update Promotion and Marketing 

    Marketing strategies are not universal, so they should also be adjusted according to the peculiarities of the regions they are used in. Focus on the local audience while tailoring promotional trailers and other materials. Analyze the market and detect the most popular channels for the gaming community to discover new trends and find hits. 

    Do Quality Assurance

    Quality assurance is an inevitable part of the localization process. In the vast majority of instances, translation and editing are done by real experts, so there is no reason to worry about their quality. However, it is fundamental to take the context of the game into account, so quality assurance is the final stage of the game localization process that should never be skipped.

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