Fragrance Basics for Beginners

    Diving into the world of fragrance for the first time is an adventure, but some avoid it due to cost. Fortunately, affordable brands, such as Carolina Herrera perfume, allow newcomers to try the latest trends without breaking the bank.

    With hundreds of scents at your fingertips, where should you start? The first step is learning fragrance basics.

    What Are the Different Fragrance Types?

    As you look through cologne selections, you may notice abbreviations following perfume names, such as Hamptons EDP from Bond No 9. What does EDP stand for?

    EDP is short for eau de parfum. You may also see EDT, which stands for eau de toilette. These are two of the most common fragrance types, but there are several others on the market:

    • Perfume
    • Perfume oil
    • Eau de cologne
    • Eau fraiche

    Perfume oil is a recent addition to the list and does not contain alcohol, which can dry the skin. The other options utilize alcohol to disperse fragrance oils in traditional sprays.

    The biggest difference between fragrance types is the percentage of oil they contain. The higher the oil concentration, the longer the scent lasts. While external factors can impact individual longevity, you can usually guess how long a cologne will last by looking at the label. For instance, an eau de parfum like Good Girl from Carolina Herrera lasts longer than an eau de toilette like Invictus from Paco Rabanne.

    What Are Scent Notes?

    Scent notes are the individual oils that make up cologne formulas. Some are chemically created in labs, but most are distilled from natural sources, primarily flowers. Scent notes fall into one of four categories:

    • Floral: These scents are powdery, flowery and fruity.
    • Fresh: This family is incredibly diverse and includes citrus, oceanic, green, clean and bright notes.
    • Amber: Notes in this family are spicy, herbal and rich.
    • Woody: Woody notes smell powdery, dry, woody and mossy.

    Most fragrances use a combination of these families to create a complex profile that evolves as you wear it. Of course, some notes are more common than others; about 80% of women’s perfumes include powdery scents.

    What Is the Best Way to Apply Fragrance?

    How you apply fragrance has a significant impact on how long it lasts. If you want to get the most out of your Carolina Herrera perfume, here are a few tips.

    First, moisturize. Colognes stick best to oily skin, so apply lotion liberally to pulse points, such as your neck and inner wrists. For best results, stick to unscented moisturizers to avoid mixing fragrances.

    Second, it’s best to apply directly to your skin. While some people like the even distribution of the “mist” method, this gets perfume on your clothes and hair. Potent colognes can stain clothes, and the alcohol in sprays can dry out your hair, making this method more trouble than it’s worth. Additionally, colognes are designed to activate with body heat, so you’ll end up using more spray for a diminished effect.

    Where Can You Find Affordable Fragrances?

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