8 Steps To Become A Successful Professional Gamer

    Do you love playing video games and have you noticed that you’re actually very good at it? When you discover that there are multiple financial opportunities for serious gamers, it makes sense for you to consider turning your passion into a profession. And why not? Professional gaming is now a huge industry that can pay you good money once you play your cards well. Although the goal is to be number one in your craft, you can still earn while you work your way to the top. Additionally, don’t overlook the amount of flexibility and control that you have as a pro gamer; you dictate when to work, what genres you want, and other important decisions. You also don’t have to wait for major tournaments to display your skills – you can build a loyal fanbase on Twitch and other gaming streaming services. However, like any other job, gaming requires dedication and consistency, and you need to understand the steps to take to skyrocket your career. Here are a few practical ways to excel as a professional gamer. 

    • Find your motivation before you commit to the career 

    Being a professional gamer is more than just sitting behind your computer and playing various games. With regular gaming, you can stop when you feel bored or need a break for a while. Pro gaming is your career, and you will always find yourself playing. You need to determine if you can do this long term; as stated earlier, you need extreme dedication. This is why finding your motivation is necessary. However, experts in this field have determined that fame, money, or quick success are not what you want to put in your mind, as you can lose hope once these don’t appear immediately. Instead, make sure you genuinely love the game and enjoy being in a community of like-minded people. Knowing that you will be doing what you adore daily is enough motivation to push you forward. 

    • Carve a niche by choosing your game 

    Gaming is no small industry, as there are several video games and genres to satisfy your curiosity while entertaining you. However, this is not practical if you aim to be a pro in this field. With so many to choose from, you will soon discover that you haven’t mastered any, although you have a fair idea of them. Fans and investors only want the best, so you may not appeal to them if you choose this route. Instead, strategize by choosing a particular game where you excel. This way, you can soon carve a niche for yourself and become an authority figure, so keep this in mind. As a tip, consider what you love doing, as this can set the tone for your decisions. For example, you can play it safe with classic games many people know and love. Or, you can test the limits by opting for up-and-coming varieties. 

    Each option has advantages and setbacks, so knowing what you want is crucial. With the classic games, getting sponsored tournaments is easier as they have an extremely high following and many competitive players. But you may find it challenging to break through as a newcomer. On the other hand, newer games are more friendly to new gamers, as there isn’t fierce competition. Rather, you will play a part in ensuring these new additions can find a place on the competitive front. This means you may have to wait a while before they also gather a large following and tournament sponsorships. If you are unsure what to choose, try a few to determine which tickles your fancy. 

    • Make practicing a regular habit 

    Your love and passion for gaming may be commendable, but they won’t cut it if you aim to craft a career. This is because you will meet fierce gamers with years of experience and top-notch skills, and you may find it challenging to shine if you can’t match their prowess. And what better way to become excellent than by practicing regularly? Make it a point to build on your gaming skills at least daily to achieve the desired outcome. It is also important to conduct thorough research into various strategies and test them out to see which one can optimize your gameplay. Video tutorials and online guides can help you, so feel free to leverage them. You can also watch top gamers playing online to see how they handle different situations during the tournaments. Make it a point to record yourself while playing to scrutinize areas needing improvement. 

    • Be a part of a community 

    Sure, you can ride solo, and no rule forbids that. However, being good at your craft alone cannot push you to the limelight. You will need people to notice yout gaming prowess, which is only possible when you join a community. This way, you can meet like-minded people willing to support you on your quest to become a professional gamer. The good thing about this is that you can meet them in person or online based on your preferences. You may be wondering which gaming community is for you. The trick is to join chatrooms and forums that focus on your games of interest. For example, if you are a Dark Souls fan, the Discord channel or Steam Forum may be your best bet. While at it, make it a point to play with random gamers- this is a great way to bond and make new friends who can quickly become loyal fans. They can also teach you about gaming strategies you aren’t familiar with, so feel free to consider this. However, smack talk is common when gaming; know when to draw the line if you feel bullied. Risking your mental health for a toxic community isn’t worth it. 

    • Start your career in a team 

    Like finding a community, you will also want to start your career in a team. This is because many tournaments make this a requirement. Depending on the specifications, you can join an existing one or create one from scratch. However, you need to be strategic in both scenarios, as the goal is to dominate and win. As a tip, make sure your team members support each other, as that is the only way to be a formidable opponent. This may require determining each member’s strengths and weaknesses to see how well you can work together. Communication and similar gameplay are necessary for success, so feel free to consider this. 

    • Your gaming gear is very important 

    Your gaming skills are just as important as your gear, so investing in the right ones is very important. In fact, your success is dependent on your equipment. The last thing you want is for your PC to give up on you when on the verge of a huge win or for your controls to take your character in the wrong direction. If you already have the gear, ensure that they are functioning properly. If you are now getting yours, ensure you have a gaming PC, mechanical keyboard, gaming mouse, LED monitor, headset, a good webcam, and microphone. Another thing to consider is the quality of your video when streaming your live gaming sessions. Fortunately, a good HD streaming encoder lets you post videos online without stress. And the good thing is that it doesn’t alter your live streaming, so your viewers won’t miss anything.

    • Attend local gaming events 

    Granted, the goal is to secure your spot in global gaming tournaments. But even champions start from somewhere. In this case, local gaming events will be the best place to begin your professional journey. These competitions aren’t as strict as the major tournaments, so casual gamers can join and have fun. Beginners can also use them as platforms to develop their gaming skills and learn from their mistakes. Because of their relaxed nature, local gaming events can help newbies do what they love without pressure or fear of judgment. Seeing these benefits, you will find it helpful to research and register for local events near you. Another thing is that you can quickly meet and form good friendships and even create a formidable team from these events, so feel free to consider this. You don’t always have to play if you don’t want to. Sometimes, being a spectator can help you observe things more keenly. If you do play, make sure to try your hands on many games to determine which one you excel at. 

    • Don’t neglect your health 

    You can’t be a good professional gamer if your health is in shambles, so make it a point to take care of yourself. Your career will require you to sit down for a very long time, and a sedentary lifestyle isn’t what you want if your well-being is your priority. Therefore, always look for ways to be active when you aren’t in front of your PC. This can include jogging, walking, or even yoga. Don’t leave anything to chance; if you feel chronic pain creeping up, give your doctor a prompt visit. Your mental health is also another aspect you shouldn’t neglect. Have an active social life and go for therapy if necessary.

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