6 Effective Ways to Keep Employees Happy at the Workplace

    Employees’ happiness is a huge deal for any company because it directly leads to increased productivity. The difference between the contribution of happy employees and unhappy employees at the workplace is grave. Companies that have happy employees are able to outperform their competition most of the time. In fact, studies have shown that happy employees are more motivated and determined to get the job done.

    Happy employees are beneficial for any workplace because they are more productive, more creative, better team players, and better leaders. The success of a business doesn’t solely depend on making the customers happy, it also depends on making your employees. Here are some effective ways to keep your employees happy at the workplace.

    1. Show Appreciation

    The most useful, important, effective, and easiest way to increase the happiness of your employees at the workplace is to show appreciation. When you show your appreciation for your employees, their confidence level and morale instantly boost and they feel more motivated. The best thing about appreciation is that it can be done in multiple ways including giving awards, highlighting top performers on the employee portal like Flyingtogether, organizing events, sending personal messages, giving bonuses, or as simple as a pat on the back.

    Employee appreciation does not mean that you should only appreciate them for their work. You can also appreciate them for their behavior, punctuality, discipline, team skills, communication skills, etc.

    2. Provide Flexibility in Working Hours

    Flexibility in working hours is directly related to employees’ happiness. With flexibility in working hours, employees can strike a better balance between their work and personal life. Everyone has different personal schedules and providing flexibility in working hours enables employees to maintain their personal schedules, which ultimately makes them happy. Flexible working hours make them less stressed about their job, which directly results in employees being happy at their workplace. All of this leads to employees being more productive in the workplace and more satisfied with their job.

    3. Organize Fun Activities

    Organizing extra activities at the workplace like sports day or any other day which includes both indoor and outdoor stuff can really help with employees’ happiness. Organizing fun activities can make the employees feel refreshed and also give them a boost. Most companies and organizations organize team-building activities, in which employees work together at a time. These activities are a great way to improve employee happiness and to connect the whole team together.

    4. Take Their Feedback

    Involving employees in the decision-making process by taking their feedback or suggestions is important in making them feel valued. In every company, many decisions are made, usually by the higher-ups, but involving your employees in that process can make them feel important and valuable. This is only a small gesture that can increase the happiness of your employees because you are making them feel valued, important and heard.

    5. Provide Additional Benefits

    Providing additional benefits to employees has also proven to make employees happy. This strategy is employed by top companies and organizations in the world including the likes of Starbucks through their Starbucks Partner program. These benefits can include health benefits, stock and savings, education opportunities, and partner & family support. If you manage a team spread across various countries, delivering compensation can become complex due to geographical constraints and differing labor laws. To streamline this process, partnering with an Employer of Record (EOR) can facilitate offering global compensation to your team. By providing additional benefits to employees, you are not only giving them a reason to stick with your company but also contributing to their overall happiness and satisfaction with their job.

    6. Create an Enjoyable Workplace

    The working atmosphere of the workplace is also vital in determining the happiness level of employees. An enjoyable working atmosphere at the workplace can make employees more happier and satisfied with their job. An enjoyable working atmosphere usually consists of an open environment where everyone is free to talk about various things, share ideas, and help each other. An enjoyable working atmosphere fosters a sense of teamwork, which improves the happiness of employees.

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