5 Must-Have Perfumes for Men (Winter Edition)

    With colder weather comes different expectations when it comes to fragrances. As gentlemen, we begin to gravitate toward warmer and woodier tones. We shift from spending time in the pub garden to enjoying a book or watching a cinematic release with our family. Thus, in this short winter edition, we’ll look at five great fragrances for men that represent this season well.

    Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille

    Tobacco Vanille deservedly enters another of our perfume lists with its tobacco woody accords accentuating its English gentlemen’s club influence. It has a refined taste as a perfume and suits a man who enjoys a leisurely cigar with whiskey on the side.

    Why we love it: Lasts long. Perfect for an evening event. Masculine tones.

    Zara Oud Vibrant Leather

    Another woody perfume we love for winter is Oud Vibrant Leather by Zara, available for only £22.99. It’s an excellent value-for-money fragrance with a comforting scent that makes it perfect for a daily fragrance in the colder months. 
    Why we love it: Affordable. Woody accords.

    Amouage Epic Man

    Spirited, vigorous, and a great signature fragrance for men that love a powerful scent with a statement. Epic Man, like Tobacco Vanille, is for a refined smell pallet with spicy, woody and amber-esque accords. It makes for a great evening fragrance that doesn’t need to be combined.

    Why we love it: Powerful. Spicey and challenging.

    Dior Fahrenheit

    The winter season keeps us with leathery and woody accords with Dior’s Fahrenheit. Priced at £90 for a 75ml bottle, Fahrenheit is a self-confidence grower with fierce scents that evoke warmth, classiness, and nostalgia. It makes you want to drive a 1970s Jaguar F-Type.

    Why we love it: Well-priced. Confidence booster.

    Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540

    The final entry on our winter list is Maison Francis Kurkdjian’s Baccarat Rouge 540. Like the finest Macallan whiskey, Baccarat Rouge 540 is a fragrance that most will wear on special occasions. It’s an evoking perfume that flourishes a complex note pallet of fir resin, cedar, amberwood, ambergris, saffron, and jasmine. This one might be my favourite of the lot.

    Why we love it: Superior. Evoking.

    Modestas Mankus
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