Top Picks for Hunter Pets in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

    Traveling through World of Warcraft requires pets to be loyal companions and companions for players. There are many different types of pets in this game, so it is quite difficult to choose. That is why we have collected for you the top of the best ones, which will help you with their abilities and will please the eye with their design. In addition, they are easy to care for and tame, so after studying these species you will be able to choose the most suitable one and go on an extraordinary journey. So get ready for unusual discoveries and interesting quests that you will have to pass.

    Thundering Black Cloud Serpent

    The Black Cloud Serpent is a species of Cloud Serpent that is found on island expeditions. This species also lives on the Eternal Isle. The beautiful design is mesmerizing, so many players want to tame this pet for hunting, because the Cloud Serpent will be very useful. In addition, it has a simple diet of meat and fish, so many players can afford such a pet.

    However, the ability to tame the Snake is different for everyone. The Pandaren Hunters race will be able to tame it immediately, but other races must complete a quest and buy the book “How to School Your Serpent” to start taming the Black Cloud Serpent. This may seem difficult and time-consuming, but the quest itself is quite interesting, and the reward of being able to tame such a pet is very attractive.

    Despite the fact that taming is not available for everyone, many players want to get their hands on the Cloud Serpent, as it is very useful and its design is attractive and mesmerizing.


    A very unusual pet that suits those players who play independently. The advantage of Magmasnail is that they increase the defense of the player and reduce the damage received. They are easy to find, as they can be found on Waking Shores in places with plenty of magma and lava. They also live on Dragonbane in order to tame them.

    These unusual creatures come in a variety of designs, four in total – blue, yellow, red and orange. However, they are available to the Beast Masters class who specialize in taming beasts.

    Magmasnail’s diet is very simple – they eat meat in raw or cooked form, so keeping them will not be a problem. And their abilities will help players while traveling solo in World of Warcraft.

    Coastal Salamanther

    This type of pet is very versatile and is available to all players. Salamanders come in different species and colors; there are both one-offs and green ones. In addition, you can meet salamanders with gills and fins. In terms of care, they are also very easy, because they eat almost everything – meat, fish, fruits and mushrooms.

    These pets have cool abilities, such as Grievous Bite, which reduces the speed and effectiveness of enemy healing. Salamanders are also very hardy, so they are great for traveling as well as fighting. Many players appreciate these pets for their versatility and ease of use.


    Very strong and useful pets. Sylverns can be found in Dragon Isles, Ohn’ahran Plains, and the Azure Span. They are generally easy to tame, but only if you have Tome of Hybrid Beast Taming in Legion. In that case, taming them will not be difficult and will be straightforward. However, if you do not have this book, then you will have to go a long way before taming, tackle a few quests and only then will you get the chance to tame these pets.

    Sylverns have different abilities that will be useful to players during the quests. And you can feed them with almost everything – meat, cheese, fruit, fish and even bread. They are not picky and that’s why they are so valued among players.

    Vaniik The Stormtouched

    This pet is very rare and valuable. Not everyone will be able to get it. The point is that Vaniik The Stormtouched lives in Ohn’ahran Plains, where players must complete a quest. There they will also learn that the people of the place worship these animals. Getting Vaniik The Stormtouched is difficult precisely because they appear quite rare and strong, so not every player will be able to deal with them.

    Those who can, however, will literally be legends. Vaniik The Stormtouched has very strong abilities that will be extremely useful in battle, such as the windswept effect. In terms of maintenance, they are easy, because they feed on meat and fish. Therefore, the main difficulty lies in catching and taming them. But if you are strong enough, you will be able to cope with this and become the owner of a unique pet.

    For a successful and quality game, you just need pets. They will support you, strengthen your abilities and accompany you even in the most difficult missions. It is very important to decide and choose the best and most suitable. The process of taming is quite interesting, because taming some species is a whole adventure, which can immerse the player in the exploration of different locations. It may even be necessary to pass additional quests, which will also be fascinating. Do not forget that the main thing in the game is fun, which can be obtained thanks to a high quality and not very complex game.

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