14 Best Quotes from Fast X (2023)

    In the latest fuel-infused Fast X film, the Agency requests Dom Toretto (Vin Diesel) to nab a computer chip during its guarded transit in Rome, Italy. However, things don’t go smoothly as Dante (Jason Mamoa), the son of a drug lord, Hernan Reyes, attempts to take revenge against Dom for the death of his father and the destruction of his fortune.

    The journey continues throughout Naples, Portugal, and Rio de Janeiro, where the race for life takes an even more uncertain turn.

    With the love for fast cars, thrilling action, and familial themes, Fast X keeps the films appealing to families and the younger generation. So, here are some of our favourite quotes from Fast X, the latest film in the Fast & Furious franchise.

    1. Aimes: You know I’ll send a freight train down a dirt road.
    2. Dante: Hey dorks, what are we blowing up? Dante: What? The Vatican? Wow. Bet you guys are going to hell.
    3. Dominic Toretto: Pass it down. Each generation better than the last.
    4. Dante: That’s the problem with having a big family. You can’t save them all.
    5. Cipher: [waking up on operating table alongside Letty] Good morning, sunshine.
    6. Letty Ortiz: You gotta be kidding me.
    7. Dominic Toretto: You made one mistake. You never took my car.
    8. Dante: Never accept death when suffering is owned.
    9. Little Brian: Holy shit! Jakob: That word is only for song lyrics and when you stub your toe.
    10. Debby Ryan: We’ll just uh… Debby Ryan: Go around ? Great.
    11. Aimes: The real question is, how did we let this go on so long?
    12. Dominic Toretto: I’ve imagined killing you a thousand times. Last time there was six inches of reinforced glass, guns and guards. I couldn’t reach you then. Now I can.
    13. Letty Ortiz: It’s a set up!
    14. Aimes: Everybody becomes family. It’s like a cult with cars.
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    Abbie Wilson
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