13 Best Quotes from Netflix’s Wednesday

    Netflix’s hit series Wednesday follows Wednesday Addams (Jenna Ortega), the psychic anti-heroine family member of the notorious Addams family, who starts to attend Nevermore after her ordeals that got her kicked out of her previous school. While navigating a more sophisticated landscape of individuals and their abilities, Wednesday explores her character and takes new steps into a different lifestyle.

    Here are the best quotes from the series Wednesday.

    1. Wednesday Addams: I find social media to be a soul-sucking void of meaningless affirmation.
    2. Wednesday Addams: I don’t believe in heaven or hell. But I do believe in revenge. I usually serve it warm with a side of pain.
    3. Wednesday Addams: The only person who gets to torture my brother is me.
    4. Wednesday Addams: I don’t bury hatchets. I sharpen them.
    5. Wednesday Addams: Use the words ‘little’ and ‘girl’ to address me again and I can’t guarantee your safety.
    6. Wednesday Addams: I brought my pocket mace… The medieval kind.
    7. Tyler Galpin: What’s not to like about a day that’s all about you? Wednesday Addams: Every day is about me. This one just comes with cake and a bad song.
    8. Wednesday Addams: Lurch, please remind my parents that I’m no longer speaking to them.
    9. Wednesday Addams: My father’s twice the man you are, and the only thing he murders is the occasional opera in the shower.
    10. Wednesday Addams: Edgar Allan Poe said, “Believe nothing you hear and half of what you see.” Clearly Nevermore’s most famous alumni picked that up here. No wonder he became a drug-addled madman.
    11. Wednesday Addams: Let’s assess, shall we? Bag over my head for optimal disorientation, wrists tied tight enough to cut off circulation, and no idea if I’m going to live or die. It’s definitely my kind of party.
    12. Wednesday Addams: And just like that, my hopes were dashed against the rocks of bitter disappointment. My foe was no psychotic killer. More like a bunch of high school clowns.
    13. Wednesday Addams: Sometimes intentions melt in the face of unexpected opportunity. If this was my chance to get up close and personal with a potential serial killer, how could I refuse?
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    Abbie Wilson
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