10 Best Quotes from The Power of the Dog (2021)

    The Power of the Dog (2021), directed by Jane Campion, is a movie based on the 1967 novel The Power of the Dog by Thomas Savage. By blood, Phil and George Burbank are wealthy ranchers in Montana in 1925. When George marries Rose with her son and moves in with them on the ranch, everything takes a turn. The Power of the Dog (2021) ends with an unexpected plot twist that will captivate audiences.

    In addition to the excellent performance, direction, and atmospheric portrayal of the American West, this film also presents themes of family dynamics, masculinity, and repressed emotions. In this movie, Benedict Cumberbatch received several award nominations for his role as Phil Burbank, which has been highly praised by critics.

    1. Peter Gordon: [reading from the Psalms] “Deliver my soul from the sword. My darling from the power of the dog.”
    2. Peter Gordon: When my father passed, I wanted nothing more than my mother’s happiness. For what kind of man would I be if I did not help my mother? If I did not save her?
    3. Phil Burbank: Bronco Henry told me that a man was made by patience in the odds against him.
    4. Rose Gordon: We’re not unreachable.
    5. Rose Gordon: I had to kind of live in this really painful, insecure, terrible place, and feel terrible about myself the whole time, so that’s not the most fun. But I do it for Jane!
    6. Phil Burbank: You have to understand why these damaged people are causing damage to others and themselves. Whether that’s world leaders on the stage — strong men in politics who have risen again in recent times — or whether that’s something in your own life or culture.
    7. Bronco Henry: “That Saddle Belonged To Bronco Henry, The Greatest Horseman I Ever Knew.”
    8. Phil Burbank: “Just Know A Man’s Feeling For Another Can Go Very Deep. It Happened With Me And Bronco, Shocked The Life Out Of Me I Can Tell You.”
    9. Phil Burbank : Yeah… he was. He was more than that. Once, he saved my life. We were way off up in the hills shooting elk, and the weather turned mean. Bronco kept me alive by… lying body against body in a bedroll. Fell off to sleep that way.
    10. Peter Gordon : You want me, Mr. Burbank? Phil Burbank : Well, I don’t see any Mr. Burbank here. I’m Phil.
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