3 ways to check if a casino is legitimate

    Today, there are quite a few online casinos such as the $1 deposit casino on the internet offering their services. Some of them are legitimate and others are not, so we should be especially careful when signing up to these platforms. In order not to make a mistake, we will give you 3 ways with the help of which you can check the legitimacy of online casinos and come across an honest site where you can play.

    1 – Look for the license of the online casino

    Licensed online casinos are legitimate and can be trusted. You should look for the casino’s license information to ensure that you have come to the right place. To do this, look up which state the license is issued in and read the license numbers so you can make a reference. If such information is missing, stay away from this casino site.

    It should be noted here that the casino may not be licensed in your country, but in an offshore zone, which does not make it illegal. There are sites with an international license, which gives the operator the right to practice its activities in different parts of the world without having any problems.

    In case an online casino is not licensed, then it is possible for the site to be a scam and trying to well up your bank accounts and details. As tempting as unlicensed casinos may seem, you should avoid them to avoid making a big mistake. Only play with the legal operators as they won’t cheat or mislead you with anything.

    2 – Check the casino’s security

    If the casino site does not use an SSL certificate, then it is not secure. This certificate can be guessed by the url, which should include https:// to ensure complete safety for your customers. Casinos that start with http:// are not secure and cannot be trusted. They are subject to hacking attacks, data theft and draining money from bank accounts and cards.

    Most legitimate casinos have an SSL certificate. They renew it regularly so they can provide you with peace of mind while playing. You can easily check for the availability of the certificate and if it is missing you can head to another online casino betting platform.

    Of great importance, is that customer data is stored on well-secured external servers that only the gambling operator has access to. In case this security norms are not followed, it is very dangerous to play at the casino site as it has not taken security measures.

    3 – Check the ways to contact support

    Legitimate casinos allow different ways of contacting support. Users can get in touch with the customer service department via live chat, phone or email address. Sometimes, all three options exist plus social media pages so you can get even more detailed information about the casino platform and operator services.

    If there aren’t enough options to get in touch with the portal, you should avoid the casino. However, you should have enough contact methods to ask your questions about cashouts, bonuses, verification and other services. Preferably, the support desk is open 24/7 to be at your disposal whenever you need it. This is the only way to feel comfortable and relaxed.

    The most common contact method is live chat, which usually works around the clock. When entering the casino, look for the chat and contact the staff to make sure it is working. In the contact section, look for a contact phone number and email address where you can ask questions. All of these things are very important, so don’t miss them.

    How to detect fraudulent casinos?

    If a casino is not licensed, does not have an SSL certificate and offers limited support contact options, then it is better not to register with it. There are many people who fell for scams and said goodbye to their funds. We hope you don’t repeat their mistakes and listen to the advice we gave you above in this article on the subject.

    Summary words

    These were 3 of the ways to find out if a casino is legitimate. We have the necessary experience, so you can trust us and follow the instructions we gave you. And now it’s time to finish our article by wishing you good luck and success.

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