Rare Carat: Best Jewelers for Engagement Ring


    KOH Noor diamonds was discovered in India, and now it is placed in the crown of the king of Great Britain. Gone but this one is still shiny and beautiful, may be that’s why diamonds are called internal.

    Diamond is the hardest naturally occurring mineral in the world, having a hardness of 10 on the hardness scale. Diamond has many industrial applications in the world


    GIA is one of the leading organizations in the jewelry industry. It is an independent organization and the first to set up 4Cs in jewelry standards, the standard used by all jewelers. One of the best things to do when checking out a diamond to make sure you’re making a good purchase is to verify the GIA Diamond certification.


    Not every diamond is certified by GIA, but our diamond is certified by GIA when you come to us, we will show you the GIA grading report to check the diamond.

    The report will include a review of the diamond’s full 4Cs: color, clarity, carat and radiant cut diamond 4 carat

    To verify that the report is genuine, you can visit the GIA Report Check website where you can access the physical version of the report.

    We have a unique report number and this number is also written on the back of the diamond. This is the number that you can use to search the GIA database.

    Our diamond has been tested and graded.

     By viewing our criteria, you can understand the gem’s price range and make comparisons when evaluating other diamonds for more details please check price here.

    Experts around the world prefer a certified diamond because it has gone through the grading process.


    Diamond is the most beautiful stone used in women’s jewelry.

    1: Our diamond is incredibly durable and is the hardest natural diamond.

    2: Apart from jewelry, our diamonds can also be used in the form of industrial tools.

    3: Our diamond is characterized by its unique luster, especially used in Engagement Rings,

    4: Apart from beauty and decoration, it is also used in traditional healing practices.

    5: An Engagement Ring diamond has the power to enhance the feelings of love.

    6: A Diamond Ring is a piece of jewelry symbolizing love or a tool for spiritual growth.


    Diamond hardness is 10% while moissanite is 9.25%. Our diamond is a gemstone and not a stone or steel. About 99% of the diamonds we find are natural. A diamond is a single crystal made almost entirely of carbon. Carbon is a chemical element represented by ‘C’ and its atomic number is ‘6’.


    1 CARAT

    2 COLOR


    4 CUT

    1: CARAT    ( weight)

    1 carat = 200 MG

    = 0.2 grams

    1 carat = 100 points

    0.5 carat = 50 pointers

    2: COLOR   (grade)

    Grades are represented Alphabetically   (D to Z)

    D-F: Colorless

    G-F: Near Colorless

    K-M: Faint

    N-R: Very Light

    S-Z: Light

    Note: The more colorless a diamond is, the purer it is..

    3: CLARITY

    There Are 6 categories.

    1. FL- Flawless <No Blemish / Inclusion>
    2. IF- Internally Flawless <No Inclusion / Yes Blemish
    3. WS- Very, Very slightly Included < VVS1 & VVS2>
    4. VS- Very slightly Included <VS1 & VS2>
    5. SI-Slightly Included < SI1 & SI2>
    6. I- Included < I1 & I2 & I3>

    4: CUT

    1. There are 5 grades.
    2. Excellent
    3. Very Good
    4. Good
    5. Fair
    6. Poor


    Halo    Pave   Solitaire    yellow Gold   Nature     Rose Gold      White Gold    Unique    Three Stone


    Oval      Round    Pear     Marquise    Heart     Emerald


    The Rare Diamond has a unique position. We provide you with a 21- carat diamond. It bears our seal. Our diamond rings are made in both gold and diamond. We have about 70 crores worth of diamonds on hand at all times. Our jewelry business involves designing and crafting jewelry.  It includes a wide range of products from fine jewelry to small pieces. This aspect includes pricing, marketing, sales channels and customer service.

    We are a retail jewelry business. Who specializes in buying and selling Diamond Engagement Rings. We provide you with many services. This includes repair, remodeling, designing and manufacturing of small parts. We offer you the description of both the band and the gemstone. We let you know the importance behind the rings, its seal, spotting the difference and the right price in all the details.

    Discover the modern allure of a 2ct asscher cut lab diamond. With its sleek lines and captivating clarity, the asscher cut diamond exudes contemporary elegance while honoring the timeless tradition of eternal devotion.

    An excellent choice for a Rare Carat Diamond

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