4 Most Iconic Watches Used in Movies

    You can guess one or two things about a character in a movie based on their excellent wardrobe choices. While you might not notice a watch on a character even with a good wardrobe sense, they have a subtle way of influencing your thoughts. Here’s a short exploration of the most iconic watches used in movies.

    Omega Seamaster Co-Axial used by James Bond in Casino Royale

    Casino Royale is among the long list of James Bond movies, and the Omega watch featured is the most iconic in the 007 collection. The watchmakers created the watches to honour the James Bond movie franchise, which starred Daniel Craig as 007. The two watches worn by 007 are a Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M co-axial and a Seamaster Diver 300M with a co-axial chronometer. The 300M co-axial is a masterpiece dive watch featuring a prominent blue dial and wave patterns to give an aquatic feel.

    In the film, James Bond puts on this watch while he plays poker with Le Chiffre in Montenegro. While at the table, he uses the Omega watch to detect cheating and then wins back his money from the villain (Le Chiffre). Apart from the watch, the game of poker also gained more popularity due to this franchise, as many poker variations have been created ever since. This is prevalent at online casinos like Nordis Casino which offers a vast library including slots, table and other card games. Players also benefit from some bonus offerings that enhance gameplay.

    TAG Heuer 1000 by Jordan Belfort in Wolf of Wall Street

    This movie portrays Jordan Belfort’s character as affluent, using the same language this Swiss watch speaks. Swiss watches are likened to wealth and success. In the movie, only Belfort wore this brand, unlike most of his investors.

    Leonardo DiCaprio is an ambassador for the TAG Heuer brand. He wore a real, but less expensive version as an imitation of the actual one owned by Jordan Belfort.

    Orfina Porsche Design Chronograph 1 by Maverick in Top Gun

    Swiss watch manufacturer Orfina designed this watch in collaboration with the movie. The watch’s maker’s motto was ‘speedometer on the wrist’, so they wanted a watch with crystal-clear readability.

    Tom Cruise’s portrayal of Maverick, the main character, expresses his precision flight style through the Orfina Porsche Watch. Years after the movie, the Pilot Chronograph Top Gun IW389101 was released based on inspiration from the one worn in the film. The manufacturer designed the Pilot version to withstand changes in pressure and rapid aerial manoeuvres in the air, making it suitable for pilots.

    Omega La Magique by Tony Montana in Scarface

    Al Pacino played Tony Montana, who doesn’t play by the rules. He put on this watch with a gold face and strap, illustrating his ambition and taste for great taste.

    The watch face is almost entirely transparent, with a rectangular case that distinguishes it from others. Also, the design achieved a clever engineering finish, which places the quartz movement off-centre from the dial. The Omega La Magique had a premium effect on Tony Montana more than a traditional luxury would.

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