Through the Lens of Clouds: Huaqi Liu’s Artistic Journey

    How can a stranger, traversing the unfamiliar terrain of a foreign land, find his calling? Huaqi Liu, an experienced fine artist, skillfully balances his deep roots in traditional Chinese art with the abstract philosophies of the Western world he encounters. His exploration transcends the conventional boundaries of paint and canvas, delving into the depths of fate and the essence of existence, as reflected in his ever-evolving depictions of cloud formations.

    Like many artists, Huaqi Liu sought to define his painting style, ultimately finding inspiration in the ever-changing forms of clouds. In these, he saw a potent metaphor for life’s uncertainties and the interconnectedness of all things. “Clouds, like the I Ching and Tarot cards, harness unseen energies to illuminate the known,”Huaqi reflects. This insight echoes the Chinese proverb, “By observing someone at three, you can foresee their future at seventy,” underscoring the idea that early traits hint at a person’s later life. He added, “Clouds embody the transient nature of existence, reminding us that no matter our path, transience is inevitable.”

    In 2023, he was invited to give a lecture at the Maryland Institute College of Art, focusing on the topic of “Clouds and Chinese Destiny.” His lecture explored the challenges he encountered, the strategies he employed to surmount them, and the invaluable lessons he garnered throughout his journey. At the heart of his discussion was how his captivation with clouds intertwined with his meditations on Chinese destiny, offering attendees a deep dive into his creative process and the evolution of his artistic vision. Attendees were particularly captivated by his innovative projects, reflecting his unique integration of art and philosophy.

    Huaqi Liu’s passion for capturing the essence of clouds extends beyond mere observation of their formations in the sky. He seeks to encapsulate the stillness, fluidity, and motion of clouds in all their manifestations. “Clouds can appear in places beyond the sky, such as in the reflections on mirror-like surfaces.” He says. In this artwork, the clouds are reflected on the surface of a river painted by Liquin (an oil medium) that lends the scene a watery quality. Through this technique, Liu creates a composition that invites the viewers to reflect on their own image as they observe the reflection of clouds on the water’s surface, blurring the boundaries between reality and illusion.

    In one of his evocative paintings, Huaqi Liu captures the balcony of his home, a scene rich with emotion and layered with meanings. He employs rice paper to embody the ephemeral nature of clouds and utilizes yellow hues to bathe the scene in sunlight, creating an inviting warmth. This artwork features an individual observing the sky’s transformation from the dark blue of early dawn to the luminous shades of dusk. Through this piece, Liu engages viewers, inviting them to experience the dual feelings of confinement and awe on the balcony—as if to illustrate that, amidst life’s challenges, the beauty of nature endures.

    Through Huaqi’s art, he invites the audience to ponder the fleeting nature of existence and our interconnectedness with the world around us. As he continues to explore the beauty of clouds, Huaqi Liu reminds us of nature’s timeless wisdom. It inspires us, regardless of where we find ourselves—whether in joy or sadness, bitterness or happiness.

    Abbie Wilson
    Abbie Wilson
    An experienced writer, Abbie has written for several publications, including Homaphy, covering various niches, including film and television, gaming, fashion, and the arts.

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