Cleaning Up Season 2: Latest News, Rumors & Potential New Series

    Cleaning Up is a British TV series that premiered on ITV in 2019. Five years later, it aired on Netflix, where it has done well and remains the most-watched show on the platform.

    For now, fans are begging for the second season. Will they be able to watch this drama once again? Today, we will answer this query in detail here. So, let’s get started without any further delay!

    Will There Be Another Series Of Cleaning Up: Latest New And Rumors

    Cleaning Up is a six-part British TV series written and created by Mark Marlow. In this series, Sheridan Smith was cast as Sam Cook. She was a single mother and worked as an office cleaner for Xeno Clean.

    This series shows her battling with her ex-husband (he wanted to get full-time custody of their daughters). Besides that, she was also addicted to gambling and was drowned in debt. Therefore, to cope with her financial crises, she also takes help from insider trading.

    But, when she heard about a stockbroker who was blackmailed into insider trading, she jumped into finance. The powerful character of Sam Cook keeps the viewers engaged and interested till the last scene of the series.

    It is why, just after the last episode, fans shared their praise on social media and raised the demand for another series. So, if you are excited to know if Sheridan Smith will reprise her role as the cleaner Sam in the second season, let us tell you that ITV still needs to confirm the second season of Cleaning Up.

    Whether you will see the second season depends on several factors, and a few of them have been mentioned below:

    • The first deciding factor is the ratings, which are currently looking very positive. As on its debut episode, more than six million people tuned in to watch this season.
    • The other plus is that this series has received positive reviews from critics, giving fans hope to watch a few more exciting episodes during the next season.
    • The idea for the first season came to the writer randomly while he watched Oliver Stone’s Wall Street with his wife three years ago. Therefore, the second series depends on Marlow (the writer of the first series) and whether he has enough ideas to allow this amazing series to continue.
    • Besides that, Cleaning Up is the only show aired on British television. The series addresses gambling issues and sheds light on several issues, such as corruption, race, gender, poverty, and social inequality. Therefore, it has become a great attraction, and the chances are higher that it will be back on your screen soon.
    • The last and crucial factor in deciding whether creators will make a second season depends on the schedule of the main cast. Lastly, the decision also depends on the ITV bosses. Remember that they have not said a “NO” for the second season!

    So, in this scenario, hope is alive, and you may soon see the story of a female financial fraudster on your screens once again. So, stay hopeful and excited!

    What Did Happen In Cleaning Up Season 1 Finale And What To Expect For Season 2?

    In the last episode of season 1 of Cleaning Up, Swanny (an insider trader) realizes that Nancy is not what she said she was. After that, the gambling addict, mother, and cleaner Sam is expelled from her home. Though she was near to being caught, fortunately, she successfully escaped.

    Later, Sam and her assistants, Mina and Jess, sold their shares because they knew that Graham’s company’s share price would decline as soon as he was arrested. The money they received was used to pay off Sam’s debt.

    Lastly, the trio decided to set up their own cleaning company. They also decided to get business in the law firm’s mergers and acquisition departments to easily access inside information.

    So, if the second series of Cleaning Up comes up, you will see Sam, Mina, and Jess as the new Grahams and Swannies of London. Will seeing them all in these new characters accomplish exciting ventures? Is it not exciting and thrilling?


    As soon as the last episode of Cleaning Up aired on Netflix, the viewers started asking for the second season, and now many of them eagerly await the second series’s release date. If you are also looking for the same, let us tell you that the ITV bosses have not yet decided whether they will make it to the next season. They are looking for good ratings and views that are beyond expectations.

    Besides that, the critics’ positive views, the story’s uniqueness, and the fans’ demand can urge the makers to go for another season. So, you will be watching your favorite series once again!

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