Into It. Over It. Announce New Album, Share New Song ‘Bandelier’

    Into It. Over It. have announced a new album, Interesting Decisions: Into It. Over It. Songs (2020 – 2023). Due for release on May 3 via Storm Chasers LTD/Big Scary Monsters, the LP collects songs they’ve released on splits or one-off releases, along with three brand new songs, one of which, ‘Bandelier’, is out today. Check it out below.

    ’’Bandelier’ is about visiting Bandelier National State Park in New Mexico. “You can hike through an ancient lost civilization,” Evan Weiss explained in a statement. “You can crawl into the rocks which were formerly people’s homes. Spaces carved through wind and water, surviving through thousands of years, which housed the indigenous people native to the land. It’s beautiful. You can also feel a presence everywhere you walk and explore. We started the new year here shortly after buying our own home. I was thinking about what kind of people will walk through our home after we’re long gone. What will they think of us? Will they feel our presence? Time keeps on slipping.”

    Discussing the new album, Weiss said:

    Coming off the writing and releasing of Figure, Adam and I were able to solidify the current lineup of IIOI – Myself, Adam, Joe George and Matt Frank. The chemistry, trust and creativity had never been so natural or positive in any lineup throughout the years. I felt this was the best time to see how the creative process would work with a group as opposed to just myself and a drummer. We began writing songs – pulling from ideas and fragments that were jotted down during the Figure writing sessions. One song became two. Two became four. Eventually our process had become dialed in.”

    While Adam and I had already defined our creative relationship with IIOI, Matt and Joe really bring a style and perspective to the music which had never existed previously with IIOI writing. You can hear how much fun we are having on these recordings. You can hear each of us bringing our taste to the songs. You can hear all of us experimenting. Trying ideas. Being ourselves. At this point in the lifespan of IIOI I can think of nothing more joyful creatively than being our purest selves while continuing to push ourselves as writers and musicians.

    Interesting Decisions: Into It. Over It. Songs (2020 – 2023) Cover Artwork:

    Interesting Decisions: Into It. Over It. Songs (2020 – 2023) Tracklist:

    1. A Trip Around The Sun
    2. My Goddamn Subconscious
    3. The Focus. The Compass. The Contract In Hand.
    4. Akron, OH
    5. The Car’s Still Running Out Front
    6. Home Is The Gift
    7. New Addictions
    8. The Designated Place At The Designated Time
    9. Miyajima, JP
    10. The Captain Setting Course From Where We Met
    11. Bandelier

    Konstantinos Pappis
    Konstantinos Pappis
    Konstantinos Pappis is a writer, journalist, and music editor at Our Culture. His work has also appeared in Pitchfork, GIGsoup, and other publications. He currently lives in Athens, Greece.

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