Queen Of Tears Season 2: Latest News, Cast, And Potential Release Date

    Queens of Tears is a Korean drama aired on TVN and Netflix. The drama has gained massive viewership and has become the most popular drama of the time, according to TVN. It has also been a major hit for Netflix. So, people naturally wait for the second season and anxiously wait to watch new episodes of their favorite drama.

    Though this massive success assures another season, it is not true for the Queen of Tears. Like many other Korean dramas, this is also billed as a limited series. Therefore, the second season is difficult. But what is the truth? Let’s find it together here!

    Will There Be Queen Of Tears Season 2?

    Queen of Tears is a South Korean romantic drama series by Park Ji Eun. Jang Young Woo and Kim Hee Won are the directors of this series, and Studio Dragon produced it. It premiered on 8th March 2024 on the South Korean cable network TVN, aTVNits. The last episode aired on 28th April 2024.

    The storyline and characters of this drama have clicked with the viewers and have made it a remarkable success. Therefore, fans have been craving another season and waiting for its release date since the first season has ended. Are you one of them?

    As it is unlikely, no release date for Queen of Tears season 2 has been announced. Most Korean dramas have only one season, and the audience used to watch the entire story from start to end in a season. Considering that, it can be expected that there will not be another season or Queen of Tears.

    Plus, Queen of Tears was not renewed for the second season at the time of writing. Therefore, the chances are high that it might not happen. Also, there is no announcement from the makers. So, it is unlikely that Queen of Tears will return for a follow-up season while the first series has ended on a very conclusive note.

    But the show’s creators are rolling out two special episodes of Queen of Tears, which will be released on the 4th and 5th of May, 2024. These two episodes will be the epilogue of Queen of Tears season 1.

    These two episodes will feature the return of two main characters who will answer all the fans’ questions. Kim Soo Hyun, Kim Ji Won, Kwak Dong Yeon, Park Sung Hoon, and Lee Joo Bin can be part of these special episodes. They may also share fans’ comments with the audience.

    And, if the second season of Queen of Tears ever happens, it will explore some plot points that were not examined during the first season, including the story of Secretary Na, who might get more attention. Also, the audience can watch more about Soo-Cheol and Da-Hye.

    As you know, Eun-sung has been pursuing Hae-in since college, and he used to manipulate and help her. The makers may throw more light on their story. And you can only watch this happening if there is another season!

    What Was Queen Of Tears All About?

    The show follows the story of Baek Hyun-Woo (Kim Soo-Hyun) and Hong Hae-In (Kim Ji-Won). Baek Hyun-Woo used to live in the house of powerful and rich in-laws. His wife (Hong Hae-In) is the CEO of a company (Queens).

    After three years of marriage, Hyun-Woo decides to divorce his wife. But, when he is going to inform her, she tells him that she has been diagnosed with brain cancer and has only three months left to live. After this, Hong Hae-In does not tell his wife about his decision. Instead, he starts living with his wife as he will be free soon.

    But, within three months, both of them fall in love with each other and piece together their marriage. Meanwhile, many other twists appear in the story because their love begins to bloom. The suspense, whether they will keep their marriage or Hong Hae-In will divorce his wife, keeps the audience engaged and interested until the end.

    Ultimately, you can see that they spend their lives together, eventually remarrying and having a daughter. The audience can also see the scenes of Hyun-woo and Hae-in visiting Sanssouci (a place of significance as the couple spent their honeymoon in Germany).


    Queen of Tears is a very emotional story of a young couple. Both partners are fixing their marriage and going through several issues throughout the drama. Also, the Hea-in suffer from health issues. But, the ending was happy, where you can see that the couple passed through everything and became a success.

    After the remarkable success of season 1, the demand for Queen of Tears season 2 is high. Fans are waiting for the next season as the characters are stuck with everyone. Most Korean dramas have only one season, and there is no announcement from the viewers. Therefore, it is unlikely to have another season of Queen of Tears.

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