Dr Sindsen Song and his crazy rap release event for the video debut

    Tattoo, fashion show, rap video – it’s amazing how Dr Sindsen got the Hofbräu am Alex rocking with a really shrill crowd. This video release party was really something special, as the former handball star, who is determined to become famous, presented his first song live on stage. It’s already being streamed on Spotify and has ratings. Biting into a gold-plated steak, the debut rapper sings: ‘I’m building an empire, I sold the first thousand bags from the boot…’. This is the title of the song, which is performed in a damn casual manner. And the fact that the Berliner is also involved in Casino, as sung about there, was also new to me. If you’re curious about gaming and casino offers, check out Richard casino no deposit bonus codes and other promotions for some interesting codes and deals.

    Yes, what a cool location, this Hofbräu am Alex, where people partied to pretzels, a pint of beer and artists who were simply great fun! Dr Sindsen knocked out one after the other here. And the big surprise, we can now see it here – his new video for ‘Wollte immer Promi sein’. This shit can really be heard, and above all seen! Immediately after the release, around 10.00 pm, I took a look at it on YouTube and – this thing is mega good. So, the mix between Eminem and Capital Bra…

    And everyone who was involved was there, as was Cem Aydin or CURRY Paule, who counts his fat money in two hundred in the video: ‘Here, with me, you’ll be full!’ he says. I want to check that out properly in the next few days and visit this place where the sausage is served!

    The special thing about the whole thing is that the sportsman Eric Sindermann was NOT looking for 90-60-90 models for this project, but exactly the opposite, like too small, a bit too much on the ribs, like curvy and so on. That made this thing completely interesting and totally believable for me!

    Also at the party and a welcome guest that evening – Christin Okpara, who had to leave the jungle camp due to alleged drug possession: ‘I had BILD sign two cease-and-desist declarations because these allegations are not true!’ she says into the RTL camera. In addition, presumed sponsors or companies who might otherwise have wanted to work with her were scared off.

    Christin Okpara tells RTL that she had BILD sign two cease-and-desist declarations…

    Otherwise, the usual Berlin suspects were seen at the release event, such as Djamila Rowe with a (newly pimped?) super XXL double D décolleté, Dolly Buster, who is said to be seriously ill: ‘My doctor said I should get out…’, yes, even the young Commander Mr SPOCK was there, had beamed himself in. Bloggers like Movie Jeannie were delighted when the models came on stage. Pizzaboymax, whose real name is Maximilian Knab by the way and who also has a role in the video, had the Sindsen logo ‘tattooed’ on one of his girlfriend’s ankles…

    Ok, now Dr Sindsen has explained again that he sings himself and does not use playback. You can see this on YouTube.

    Dr, how did the preparation go? ‘I was on stage for hours, performing the song over and over again. We also have some fun live acts here today who just go off.’ And that’s how it was. Can you still remember ‘Alfi Hardkor’, who sings totally weird and can’t really move in a sexy way? Anyway, he warbles all the techno hits, like those by Scooter. He still didn’t want to leave the stage after an hour, inventing one encore after another…

    Conclusion – Dr. Sindsen rap release event

    That wasn’t all on this curious night. Although I wasn’t there until the end, I was told that it was really funny after the fashion show with all the models in the press area. Dr. Sindsen Song’s wild and unforgettable rap release event at Hofbräu am Alex in Berlin was a vibrant celebration that encapsulated the essence of innovation and diversity in the music and entertainment industry. From a tattoo and fashion show to the debut of his rap video, Dr. Sindsen demonstrated not only his musical talents but also his flair for creating an engaging atmosphere. The inclusion of unconventional models and the energetic live performances added layers of authenticity and excitement, challenging traditional norms and captivating a diverse audience. This event was more than just a music release; it was a bold statement of artistic expression and inclusivity, leaving an indelible mark on all who attended and setting a high bar for future endeavors in the industry. As Dr. Sindsen continues to build his empire, his debut is a clear indication that his journey will be as unconventional as it is spectacular.

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