Selling the OC Season 4: Cast, Release Date and Reunion

    Netflix’s Selling Sunset spin-off Selling The OC launched its season 3 on May 3rd, 2023. A number of “selling” shows have been recreated over the years, including Selling Tampa and Miss You, which have stuck to a consistent production schedule. Generally, the latest two seasons were approved simultaneously and then shot back-to-back.  In the following months, these seasons were filmed within two months of each other.

    For instance, Selling the OC was recreated for seasons 2 and 3 in January 2023 and was shot about consecutive months later, like season 2 premiered in September 2023 and season 3 in May 2024.

    So now there are numerous questions about Selling the OC season 4 is coming; what will be the release date, cast, and reunion? Read everything you want about Selling the OC season 4 in this article.

    Selling the OC: About Estate Agents of The Oppenheim Group

    A by-product from Selling Sunset, Selling the OC is all about the estate agents that run a project of the Orange County brand of The Oppenheim Group. It indicates that sometimes you will see the appearance of Brett and Jason, and there is also a Selling Sunset crossover or two.

    Furthermore, visualize the inappropriate professional outfits, lavish real estate, unpleasant arguments, and remember to notice six-inch heels in the workplace.

    Release Date of Selling the OC Season 4

    Unfortunately, there is no official news from Netflix about the release of Selling the OC season 4, but we have still crossed our fingers and toes for the release.

    As mentioned earlier, the Selling shows followed a fast production schedule, were filmed back-to-back, and were released within two months of each other. If Selling the OC premiered in May 2024, then there is more probability of seeing the new episodes of season 4 around the same next year or in the early summer of 2025.

    But still, the launch of season 4 needs to be confirmed. Note that season 3 of Selling the OC has calculated about 10 million hours of views in just the first week of release, which indicates that Netflix is keen to stream more shows in the real estate space.

    All fingers and toes are crossed!

    The cast of Selling the OC Season 4

    As we have yet to receive any official news about the release of season 4, therefore it’s hard to know 100% accurately who will join for this season. We are still not sure if anyone left the agency, but based on previous seasons, here is an assumption of the O Group agents;

    • Brett and Jason Oppenheim
    • Alex Hall
    • Kayla Cardona
    • Polly Brindle
    • Alexandra Rose
    • Gio Helou
    • Lauren Brito
    • Austin Victoria
    • Brandi Marshall

    After season two, Tyler Stanaland left the agency and ran his father’s real estate business. Tyler said it was not an easy decision for him to leave the Oppenheim Group, but it was suitable for me and my clients.

    In an interview, Alexander Jarvis opened up about her exit from The O Group. She said that she took an exit due to the toxic culture some of her castmates exhibited.

    Furthermore, Sean Palmieri also left the Oppenheim Group by saying that the culture of the OG group is not for me and that he is excited to make a business move in his career.

    Sadly, Ali Harper does not appear on the site because she still needs to take the exam to get licensed. She added in an interview that she is still in the process of getting licensed. It’s a lengthy procedure to obtain approval for the exam, so it seems just out of her hands.

    Selling the OC Season 4 Reunion

    There is no word on the potential Selling the OC season 4 reunions. While there can be an alteration, notably, each season of Selling the OC has eight episodes, and each has yet to get its reunion special episode. So there can be a reunion after season 4 of the renewal, but there’s no news.

    Bottom Line

    In short, there is no official announcement about the release of Selling the OC season 4, but season 3 is on air, so go and entertain yourself. The cast of Selling the OC has yet to be confirmed, but three cast members of the OG group have already exited from the O Group: Alexander Jarvis, Sean Palmieri, and Ali Harper. Furthermore, there has yet to be a word for the potential reunion of season 3 and season 4 of Selling the OC.

    So, low down your excitement level by watching season 3 of Selling the OC, which is now streaming on Netflix. But for Season 4, fingers are crossed!

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