Blood of Zeus Season 3: Cast, Release Date & Rumours

    Recently, Netflix’s beloved animated series Blood of Zeus returned for its second season on the immensely popular streaming service. Globally, it garnered a top 10 spot, making it one of the most-watched shows in May 2024. To find out more about the upcoming season, here are the rumours, the cast, and the potential release date for Blood of Zeus season 3 Blood.

    Blood of Zeus Storyline

    With Zeus gone, a power struggle ensues among the gods. This leaves Heron, Zeus’ demigod son, in disarray to find his rightful place. Haunted by a profound loss, Heron is tormented by a cryptic melody in his dreams. In response, he is driven to embark on a perilous quest to rescue his brother, Seraphim, from the Underworld. Little does he know that Hades is orchestrating a sinister plan to exploit Seraphim’s suffering to secure Zeus’ vacant throne. By doing this, he will put an end to the eternal suffering of his family.

    Is Blood of Zeus based on a Real Myth?

    Greek myths are incorporated into the show in addition to the real-life Hellenic myths. It’s certainly a show made for fans of Greek mythology, with rich animations and compelling storylines that capture you from the get-go.

    Blood of Zeus Season 3 Release Date

    The date for the release of Blood of Zeus Season 3 isn’t yet known. Charley and Vlas Parlapanides, creators of the show, confirmed to What’s on Netflix around the premiere of Season 2 that Blood of Zeus had already been renewed for a third season.

    It has been four years since season 1 and season 2, so we should expect that to be shorter for season 3. Otherwise, we won’t see it again until 2028.

    Blood of Zeus Season 3: Cast, Release Date & Rumours
    Blood of Zeus Season 3: Cast, Release Date & Rumours

    Blood of Zeus Season 3 Cast

    Like the release date, the show’s cast isn’t fully confirmed, but based on rumours and assumptions, the core cast below will return to the show.

    • Heron played by Derek Phillips
    • Alexia played by Jessica Henwick
    • Seraphim played by Elias Toufexis
    • Zeus played by Jason O’Mara
    • Kofi played by Adetokumboh M’Cormack
    • Hera played by Claudia Christian
    • Evios played by Chris Diamantopoulos
    • Hades played by Fred Tatasciore
    • Hermes played by Matthew Mercer
    • Ares played by Matt Lowe
    • Electra played by Mamie Gummer
    • Apollo played by Adam Croasdell

    Rumours of Blood of Zeus Being Cancelled

    Rumours have been flying across the internet that the show may be cancelled. However, according to the creators, five seasons are planned for the show, and the third season has been renewed, meaning it will likely stay its course as long as viewership remains strong.

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