Rich House, Poor House: Season 7, Where to Watch & How to Apply

    Rich House, Poor House is one of the most beloved TV shows in Britain, currently having ten seasons across different platforms like Channel 5 and Netflix. It asks the question, can money buy happiness? As it observes two families, who live an utterly contrasting lifestyle. The working class and the comfortably wealthy.

    The social experiment-esque show has become a fan-favourite throughout households not just for pure entertainment value but also for the insights into lifestyles many don’t get to see every day. It’s certainly a thriller, which is why the show has gained so much popularity on Netflix recently.

    Rich House, Poor House: Season 7 Where to Watch It

    Due to the rights and licensing, Rich House, Poor House Season 7 is currently on Channel 5, the show’s original host. Season 7 has 12 episodes, each lasting around 60 minutes.

    Season 7 can be watched on re-runs on TV and also on Channel 5’s online app, My5.

    Where to Watch All the Seasons of Rich House, Poor House

    As mentioned above, there are ten seasons of the show, but there isn’t a single streaming provider that showcases all of them on the platform. So, here is our breakdown of all of the seasons of Rich House, Poor House and how to watch them.

    • Season 1 – Netflix
    • Season 2 – Netflix
    • Season 3 – Netflix / My5 / Channel5
    • Season 4 – Netflix / My5 / Channel5
    • Season 5 – Netflix
    • Season 6 – Netflix
    • Season 7 – My5 / Channel5
    • Season 8 – My5 / Channel5
    • Season 9 – My5 / Channel5
    • Season 10 – My5 / Channel5

    How to Apply to be on Rich House, Poor House

    At the moment, the show is produced by Emporium Productions. To apply to become a family on the show, you need to send an email to with your income status and why you should be on the show.

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