15 Types of Bras Every Women Should Own

    A bra is an essential garment that every woman owns. Whether you are fill or large chested or small chested, you need a few bras. Every woman would want to wear a sexy bra every day. There are different types of bras that you can own and wear on different occasions without losing your sexy.

    1. The T-shirt bra

    Also known as the workhorse bra, this is a standard type that every woman needs. It is supportive, smooth, and goes with almost everything. It is a go-to bra for a lot of women.

    1. The wireless bra

    This type does not have underwires. However, it is still very supportive because of underbands. A wireless bra can be padded or non-padded. It is a comfortable everyday wear bra that anyone can pull off.

    1. The push-up bra

    This is a bra with padding that helps push the breasts up. However, there are some designs that offer the push-up effect without the padding, which are great for ladies with larger breasts that need some push-up.

    1. Padded bra

    This is an ideal bra option for any woman that wants or needs a little boost in their boobs. There are different types of padding that you can choose from. Even if you have a big bust, you can wear a padded bra that gives you a natural look.

    1. Bralette

    This is a creative combination of a standard bra and a cropped-top. This kind of bra is usually non-padded and does not have an under wire. It can also be a slip-on or come with feature clasps, depending on the design. This type of bra is comfortable but offers less support that traditional ones.

    Strapless bra

    This is a bra without the shoulder straps. Instead of the straps, this bra usually has silicone lining or a band that helps it fit snugly and stay up. Fuller chested ladies can wear strapless bras with an under wire or wider bad for more support.

    1. Front-open bra

    This is a type of bra with a front-clasp instead of the standard back-clasp. It is one of the easiest bras to wear because you don’t have to struggle to close the clasp. The design is also unique.

    1. Halter bra

    This type goes well under halter tops. A halter bra is designed with a single long strap that goes around the back of the neck. It is usually low cut to wear under shorts with deep necklines.

    1. Cage bra

    This is a sexy bra that comes with several bra straps in the bra’s front and back, hence the term “cage.” Every woman can wear this type of bra as it is designed for all sizes of breasts. It goes well with sheet tops and backless dresses.

    1. Convertible bra

    This is a multi-tasking bra that works well with different attires. It is basically designed like a T-shirt bra with straps that can be detached. So, you can remove or reconfigure the straps to match different necklines.

    1. Plunge bra

    This type looks so much like a T-shirt or bra without straps. However, it has a deeper v-cut that stretches down the middle. This makes it an ideal choice of bra for low-cut tops.

    1. Minimizer bra

    This is a bra designed for ladies with larger breasts. It is designed to minimize the projection of the bust, hence the term “minimizer.”

    1. Raceback bra

    This bra usually comes with straps that cope up to the neck, much like a halter bra. However, it also features a join mid-back that then divides into two straps hooking to the band. It resembles a sports bra.

    1. Sports bra

    This bra is designed for working out. There are two types of training bras; the compression and encapsulation. A sports bra is designed to hold the breasts firmly to minimize movement when working out.

    9. Bandeau bra

    This is a bra made of high-spandex fabric strip. It does not have any built-in cups or an underwire. It’s like a corset for the breasts. A bandeau bra is ideal for smaller breasted women.


    The type of bra you wear will depend on the size of your breasts, the type of comfort you need, and the outfit you want to wear. You can check out some fashion tips for guidelines on how you should pair your bras with your outfits. Your overall style can also influence your choice.

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