Sexiest Films on Netflix in 2024

Netflix does not play around when it comes to providing viewers with a vast range of content. The company is known for providing viewers with several forms of content. Sexy films make up a vast chunk of the Netflix catalogue. Sexy movies make the best streaming options for a date night or even a solo night when you just want to indulge in some plot-intensive sexy content. We have rounded up some of the sexiest films on Netflix in 2024.

Deadly Illusions

This film was released in 2021 but is still on Netflix’s list of popular movies of 2024. This means that many people are still viewing this film in 2024. One of the hottest scenes in this movie is the bare/nude scene featuring Dermont Mulroney. It is an erotic thriller focused on a murder-mystery writer. The writer, Mary Morrison (Played by Kristin Davis), finds herself at the center of a personal mystery. She is a successful author in a happy marriage to her husband Tom with two kids. Mary’s publisher offers her a deal to write another book and a 2-million-dollar advance, which she initially declines. However, she if forced to accept the offer after her husband discloses that he lost half their estate as a result of a risky investment. Because of this, she is forced to hire a nanny, Grace to help with her kids as she writes the book. However, she experiences writer’s block and turns to her growing friendship with Grace as an inspiration for her book.

Mary starts to have sexual fantasies about Grace. These fantasies keep escalating to a point where she has a dream featuring a sex scene between Grace and her husband. The plot thickens when Mary discovers the body of her friend Elaine, when she goes to visit her. She appears to have a pair of scissors in her neck. Mary becomes the main suspect for the Murder thanks to a significant amount of incriminating evidence, including a video showing her arriving at the victim’s house while covering her face with sunglasses and a headscarf. The movie takes a turn as Mary has to prove her innocence. She eventually discovers that Grace is the real murder, but not after a lot of drama and erotica.

This is one of the sex films on Netflix where you get to anticipate the ending as you wonder who will survive between the couple. You also get to enjoy some great sex scenes along the way. You can stream it on Netflix at any time.

The year I started masturbating

The title of this film says it all. This is a Swedish drama-comedy film with some of the most erotic scenes. The film follows the life of Hanna (played by Katia Winter) as she goes on a journey of self-discovery. The plot of the movie revolves around Hanna learning to pleasure herself as she also goes through a lot of non-sexual related growth.
The film starts with Hanna wanting another child before her biological clock runs out. However, her boyfriend dumps her unexpectedly and her world collapses. Hanna finds herself without a home, job, or family. But she is set on getting it all back. While in the process, Hanna begins to discover that she may have been after all the wrong things in life.

There are several self-love scenes in this movie, as you can tell from the title. However, the heroine also spends a few scenes experimenting with other characters in the bedroom. The romantic and comedic effect of this film makes it worth watching.

More the Merrier

This is a Spanish comedy film that focuses on different people as they go on countless sexual adventures. It is a love comedy stocked with several storylines. The film is set in a Spanish sex club known as Club Paradiso. It follows several individuals and couples as they embark on an evening of sexual escapades. Many of these characters get to discover more about themselves and their respective partners. This is one of the sexiest films on Netflix because it features a lot of nudity. There are also several scenes involving hook-ups. If you are a fan of entanglements, this is also the film for you. There are several plot lines to keep you locked into the film besides all the sexiness. The movie was released in 2021, but it is still one of the leading and most-watched sex films on Netflix.

Ride or Die

This is one of the Sexiest films on Netflix. It is based on a Japanese mange featuring the same title. The movie follows the journey of the star Kiko Mizuraha (who plays Rei). This is a doctor who is in love with her friend Nanae (played by Honami Sato). The twist in the movie is that Nanae is married to an abusive husband. Rei seduces and kills Nanae’s husband. They then embark on a trip to try and connect. Their connection is both erotic and emotional. There are several sexy moments in this film that will quench your itch for some erotica. The fact that the two stars in the movie are female makes it even sexier. The adventurous love scenes in the movie are the best things about the film.

Yes, God, Yes

This film is just as naughty as its title suggests. Starring Stranger Things’ Natalia Dyer, this Netflix show is the stuff that sexiness is made of. In this film, Nancy Dyer plays a Catholic high school student who has been taught through out her life that abstinence was the way to live and sex is only a tool for procreation. However, the heroine lets curiosity get the best of her and this opens her up to a world of sexual pleasure. Yes, God, Yes follows the explorations of the heroine as she discovers the world of sexual pleasure. It goes without saying that the sex scenes in this movie are hot. However, they are played out so tastefully, as is the nature of Netflix films.

365 Days

This list would not be complete without mentioning this film. Critics have referred to 365 Days as the Polish version of Fifty Shades of Grey, featuring two of the hottest actors you have ever seen. Since it was released in 2020, this film has not left Netflix’s sexiest films list. The film follows the story of Anna-Maria Sieklucka (Laura Biel), who is in an unhappy relationship, until a mob boss she meets in Sicily valley during a holiday gets entranced by her. He kidnaps her and gives her 365 days to fall for him. It is somewhat a “beauty and the beast” kind of tale that starts with Laura refusing the beast, who is the mob boss before falling madly in love with him. The sexual chemistry between the characters in this film is off the charts. Needless to say, this is what makes this film one of the best sex films on Netflix up to date.


Apart from the few films listed above, you should note that Netflix has quite a vast catalogue of sexy films. There are hundreds of options at your disposal. So, if sexy films are your thing, you are spoilt for options with Netflix.

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