Aphex Twin countdown has finished and ‘afx – London 03.06.17 [field day]’ is here

Aphex Twin

The long waited countdown on the official Aphex Twin & Warp website has completed.

It looks like the countdown has revealed some of his older reworks and of course his latest release ‘afx – London 03.06.17 [field day]’. The release includes a total of 14 tracks and is available in MP3 for £6.99 and in WAV for £8.99.

Aphex Twin has last performed in UK at the Fields Day Festival back in June, with this event he brought out a limited edition vinyl which was sold at the event named ‘afx – London 03.06.17’.

Full tracklist

  1.  42DIMENSIT3 e3
  2.  MT1T1 bedroom microtune
  3.  T18A pole1
  4.  T03 delta t
  5.  em2500 M253X
  6.  T23 441
  7.  42DIMENSIT10
  8.  T20A ede 441
  9.  MT1T2 olpedroom
  10.  T47 smodge

Link to Warp website