J.Views shares a stunning music video for ‘We Moved’

J.Views - Photo by Nir Ariely

Grammy nominated artist J.Views is known for his terrific and innovative style, this time he is back with a music video that was made with the help of his fans.

J.Views known to many as one of the most innovative musicians around today is back once again, surprising us with more great work. This time his song ‘We Moved’ has been given a lovely, moving and refreshing music video which he made with the help of his fans. The video includes clips from fans dancing to the song from across the globe, truly showcasing the power of technology and the friendliness of J.Views who consistently includes his fans into his projects one way or another.

The music video was directed by Tal Zagreba and Niv Shpigel whilst the concept was made by Tal Zagreba and Jonathan Dagan (J.Views).