James Wong Howe gets a Doodle on Google for his 118th Birthday

Screenshot from Google 28/08/2017

Google is celebrating the birthday of the legendary cinematographer James Wong Howe.

James Wong Howe was a Chinese cinematographer mostly known for his contribution to the world of cinematography and film. He was specifically known for his dramatic lighting and strong shadows and even known to be one of the first cinematographers to successfully use the technique of deep focus in the film Transatlantic (1931). However, the technique is mostly associated with cinematographer Gregg Toland who is credited for developing it further in the classic film ‘Citizen Kane’ (1941).

Howe worked on over 130 films over his career and managed to win two Academy Awards for ‘Hud’ (1963) and ‘The Rose Tattoo’ (1955) whilst also getting eight other deserved nominations.

Sadly, Howe passed away on the 12th of July, 1976 but his influence on the world of film is still deservedly remembered and written about.