YouTube introduces a new logo

Screenshot from YouTube on the 29th of August, 2017

The number one video streaming website YouTube has introduced a redeveloped logo on their platform

After twelve years of running with the same logo, Google owned YouTube has redeveloped the look of their logo by making several changes in the way it is laid out.

Some of the main changes are the way YouTube is now joined up instead of being separated by white and black text colour. Furthermore, the ‘Tube’ has been moved from the rounded rectangle and put together with ‘You’, whilst also the red rounded rectangle has been transformed into a play button. It could be said that this new logo has a clearer meaning to what YouTube is and the old even though nice is a tad too basic to really dig into the meaning of YouTube.

Before and After of the YouTube logo change 2017
Before and After of the YouTube logo change 2017

The changes whilst minimal in some ways, really showcase that YouTube is being rebranded, some even saying that this could be due to the new rules YouTube have been introducing about monetisation.

Here are some responses from YouTube users online.