Monolink presents ‘Swallow’

Credit: Hailley Howard

Steffen Linck, also known by his alias Monolink, has released his dynamic and emotively-driven single ‘Swallow.’

In the latest single ‘Swallow’ Monolink delivers a deep house driven track with elements of experimental music that emerge throughout the progression of the track with authenticity and melancholy-driven touches. Monolink sculpts his song with ear-pleasing vocals, and carefully pointed synths, that cosset the beat of the song with a contrast that enable us to love the song more and more with each listen. Luckily for us, this song is also accompanied by a music video that is itself worthy of a Palme d’Or with its cinematic style that takes this song into another dimension.

‘Swallow’ is available to be streamed via Spotify.

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