Kerstin Kuntze, a German photographer and artist, has released a splendid collection of photos named Waterlove which features highly-contrasted photos with elements of water. This collection of photos is part of the SWIMPOPLOVE° series.

Talking about the series Kerstin Kuntze said: Water is my Lover. He makes me feel so good. The thing I love most about swimming is the feeling of water caressing my skin.
It’s an ancient force, that envelops and fulfills me. Diving into another world can
grant me a feeling of weightlessness or demand the greatest effort on my behalf.

Of course, I’m interested in far more than simply photographing the water. I employ my favorite element as a symbolic image of life. I often work with unspectacular subjects, such as a ripple in the water or an exhaled breath under water.
By capturing a single moment in an image, this act becomes something sensational. Perhaps it’s exactly that, which I love so much – the magic of the smallest moment.
The eternity, which can be encapsulated in a moment. Timelessness. In this way, water becomes the mirror of life.”
You can find more work by Kerstin Kunzte on Behance.

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