Aaron Taos Denial feat. Tedy Brewski

Previously featured Aaron Taos has come back with another stunner of a song named Denial. The song comes from his latest album Birthday Boy. Denial effectuates euphonious vocals by Aaron Taos and equally terrific lines by Tedy Brewski. Denial is a must-listen for any true music lover.

Reveries Dream Life Forever 

Reveries, a German-based band lead by Max Altmeyer, have released their latest piece Dream Life Forever. In this fun-vibe track, the band deliver a tuneful beat, catchy lyrics and a colourful production that will have you listening for days to come. The track is from their self-named six-track EP Reveries.

Kaiserdisco Banause

The third and final track of this sound selection is Banause by Kaiserdisco, a duo known for their brilliant Techno artistry. In this dance floor fitting track, the duo delivers a high-pace beat which begets a floury of monstrous synths (the good type). Banause is a nightlife hit.