Leifur James ‘Wurlitzer’

Wurlitzer by Leifur James, a piece driven on elements of neo-classical and electronic music genres, has received an equally stunning music video. Much-like the composition itself, which builds on tension and intense otherworldy-like atmosphere through heavy sub-bass undertones, the music video delivers a wave of dynamic imagery and suspense that puts Wurlitzer at the forefront of neo-classical music.

The music video was directed by Balázs Simon, who also directed a music video for the well-known neo-classical artist Nils Frahm.

Directed by: Balázs Simon
Produced by: Umbrella & Airplan
Cinematography: Dániel Reich
Animation: Balázs Simon, Dávid Dell’Edera, Gábor Filkor, Tímea Horváth, Donát Áron Ertsey, Máté Barbalics
2D Graphics: Péter Kántor
3D Assets: Máté Barbalics
SFX: Péter Kántor, Emil Goodman, Dávid Dell’Edera
Composite: Balázs Simon, Dávid Dell’Edera, András Pflum

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