Big Toast by Sacha Beeley

Sacha Beeley, a recent graduate of Central Saint Martins, presented her short film Big Toast at the BFI London Film Festival. The four minute short follows Toast, who tries to regain his lost love Egg, after he made out with a Salami. With a lot of great laughs, and puns to no ones surprise Big Toast was selected as part of the Laugh section of the festival.


Directed by: Sacha Beeley
Animated by: Sacha Beeley
Scriptwriter: Maria Pullicino and Sacha Beeley
Animation assistant: Can Bozkurt
Sound design: Ioannis Spanos
Intro music and dance scene: Robert Venning
Music outside the Salad Bar: Emeric LePrince
Music in dance off: Paranoid London


Toast: Will Farrell
Lettuce: Danny Herman
Egg: Charlotte Merriam
Big Toast: Lewis Goody