Massimo Colonna, a photographer based out of Scandiano, Italy, published another brilliant mini series of photos, this time named Interferences. As always Colonna explores interesting themes, and in this series the themes of nature and articifial spaces is dived into. Colonna utilises naturistic rendered spaces with mysterious-like atmospheres to create an uneasy type feel in this series, which makes you ask what is real and what is not in the world of consistent digital growth?

Writing about the series Colonna stated: “A project based on landscapes situated on the border between reality and fiction, animal figures are co-protagonists of a story that has no plot, based only on the visual dialogue between nature and artificial elements. The images themselves are artificial, fakes, created on the computer these landscapes don’t exist, but how can you determine where fiction ends and reality begins? The atmosphere accompanies us in these remote places, almost inaccessible, but something familiar transports our mind to the intimacy of the view.”